Thermaltake PSU are they any good?

Are they any good since I may be getting one for FREE 600 watt ish since a student at my TAFE is giving it to me that to replace my damaged corsair cx500 because he has one lying around from a used system and does not have any need for for so i went FREE POWER SUPPLY IS MUCH NEEDED.

3 sata power connects are broken.

1. there is a sata cable right at the very end the yellow copper cable has broke off (cable management)

2. damaged a second one bottom part of the sata power connector broke off while trying to jerry mount my ssd that how its currently mounted even though and still works!

3. it is hanging on by a thread as in one of the sides came off and is powering my sdd



ps. rip buddy you have served me well.

as long as it is 80+ bronze it should be great at that price

80+ does mean very little i just want pure reliablitly since i had this corsair for almost 2 years. 

Are you able to get an RMA on the CX500?

Thermaltake PSUs can range from decent to horrible.  We really need to know the wattage, and model.

Read up on PSU reviews here:

sorry parents chucked the out box and lost the docket did not really care about the warranty back then till now which i extremely regret doing in the past. its 600-ish watts he doesnt know the actual wattage and its free dont know the rating. 

Thermaltake psu's - some are good, some are dog shit terrible. just read review on any psu you intend to buy and check what oem design is used. As with anything under the thermaltake badge it can be very hit and miss with quality. I personally cant recommend any of their products - cases, psu's etc as I've seen far too many duds.,2913-9.html - enhance, fsp, sirtech and a few channel well designs are trustworthy enough.

for normal ussage, i think it will be fine.

sorry for the necrobumping havent gotten the psu yet, he forgot, just wondering that a 4pin 12volt connector will work with my mobo which is an 8 pin and even so will it support my overclock. he said that it ran dual graphics cards and a overclock intel cpu to 4ghz and it worked fine when he pulled it out.

AMD FX6300 4.5Ghz 1.4V

M5a99x Evo R 2.0

Hyper 212 Evo

It will work just fine, I have FX-8320 @4GHz with a 4-pin CPU power.

Thanks now I am really confident about this.

have recently got it and nope not even going to put in my main pc its a Casecom Powersupply 500 watts but it works though.......... has not caught on fire. I have tested it and it works. It was currently powering an Acer Aspire which I upgraded the gpu in it and then I changed it back to the default psu that was in the acer

specs of Acer Aspire:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200

4gbs ddr2 dual channel

xfx 7750 1gb gddr5 (originally a 4650 don't 512mb i think)

Some Acer Motherboard

250 Watt Psu that was in the original Acer

I've had a thermaltake TR2-500 for a good 7 years on my older rig. That poor PSU choice made popcorn out of both my BFG 8800GT and it's RMA'd replacement card. Though it did last a good 4 years without any issues after getting it's second GPU kill. It's only about 2 weeks ago that either my motherboard, my HDD or the PSU minor rails somehow failed after a windows Vista update... I'm still trying to troubleshoot the issue. It might not even be hardware-related at all. That PSU was surprisingly durable, even though graphics cards have a lethal allergy to it.

Short version: Unless you go for their most expensive models, Thermaltake is cheap shit. Don't put it under any sort of heavy load and it should last you long enough to get your hands on something better. And make sure your GPU never EVER gets close to it. XD

I think for the price of thermaltake, you can get a FSP or Seasonic M12 Modular, both of them are pretty solid.

I had one a long time ago. Lasted 2-3 years. Don't much how good the quality is nowadays but I'd say they are about as good as Rosewill brand. Yea buying a decent name brand PSU is as important as a motherboard. You really can't skimp on them.