Thermaltake core p5 open air chassis questions

I an currently looking at building a new machine using the thermaltake core p5 case and was wondering if there was anything I needed to be aware of with open air cases as i haven't used one yet. I was also wondering if dust would be a big problem with the open air design and if so how would i be able to reduce the dust build up?

thanks for the help

Dust will be a total pain. You'll have to clean often to keep it under control.


Noise as well... You have no idea how much noise even a standard PC case is killing just by being enclosed.
Also you need to be prepared to live with the glass. If you look at it funny, it may break.
Do you plan on wall mounting it, or? Bugs and spiders and stuff...

noise ist the issue , dust and vibrations might be .If you choose quiet fans,quiet pump and build your loop correctly ( so there is no need to crank up pump rpms and use good radiator you are ok). Reducing vibrations might be tricky. I ve used primochill wetbench for one of my build, It didnt emit any noise but dust was the issue and vibrations.Also there is a problem with components with heatsinks. They are passive but manufacturers expect that there is some airflow over them. I had some serious issues with boiling chipsett on testbed once and intel 750 ssd in pcie slot

Do you think it's worth getting then. I plan to mount it on the wall. Is there anything I can do to minimise the dust. I plan on using the nzxt x61 aio so hopefully noise won't be too high by using the closed water loop.

So they came up with an original idea for once. Still doesn't change my stance on Thermalfake.

I can't support thieves who then use their size to bully the smaller companies they ripped off.

On-topic : Dust will be an issue, noise could be okay depending on fan choice etc. You'll be cleaning it a LOT though if you don't want it to look like it hasn't been cleaned in ages.

The sad thing is, that F51 is actually better case.

Not really. Even fully dust proof cases slowly fills up with dust, and this is completely open...
You may have to clean it up once a week or something...

You cant eliminate dust .Make sure you dust it off .Also remember to take the fan off the radiator every half a year and remove the dust, it should prevent some noise . clean radiator is more efficient so pump wont have to go high rpm mode when fins get clogged.

I wanted to get a case that's going to look a bit more unique not just a black box (though I get why people like that). If anyone has any better suggestions that would be great thanks for the help guys

Dust depends on where you live / how much you clean. I live in Ca and vacuum every damn day but my air 540 gets pretty dusty regardless, ive also talked to people here who maybe clean their pc once a year and looks like mine after a month.

Noise hasnt been an issue for me, can always turn the volume up

Yeah I'm not too worried about noise my headphones are always playing music a bit too loud. What would you say is the best way to clean the computer I've heard compressed air can sometimes leak