Theresa May to screw secure internet in the UK

  • All Britons' communications must be easy for criminals, voyeurs and foreign spies to intercept

  • Any firms within reach of the UK government must be banned from producing secure software

  • All major code repositories, such as Github and Sourceforge, must be blocked

  • Search engines must not answer queries about web-pages that carry secure software

  • Virtually all academic security work in the UK must cease -- security research must only take place in proprietary research environments where there is no onus to publish one's findings, such as industry R&D and the security services

  • All packets in and out of the country, and within the country, must be subject to Chinese-style deep-packet inspection and any packets that appear to originate from secure software must be dropped

  • Existing walled gardens (like Ios and games consoles) must be ordered to ban their users from installing secure software

  • Anyone visiting the country from abroad must have their smartphones held at the border until they leave

  • Proprietary operating system vendors (Microsoft and Apple) must be ordered to redesign their operating systems as walled gardens that only allow users to run software from an app store, which will not sell or give secure software to Britons

  • Free/open source operating systems -- that power the energy, banking, ecommerce, and infrastructure sectors -- must be banned outright


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Unfortunately it's not a case of not understanding the basics of the internet, but a willingness to go full China visavi a localised alternative internet. There are more, related topics om the front page of the BBC today but it goes beyond tech so it's not a topic for this venue.
Let's just say that the voters have another shot at being willfully ignorant tomorrow.

Well, hopefully, she doesn't win the election although from what I've seen in most political parties there's like one person who gets how the internet and technology works.

It scares me how people have such blind faith in the technologies they use day to day without a shred of knowledge on how it works.

Every dictator wannabe wants their own little STASI.

Aww hell the stasi would have given anything for surveillance powers like those we have today.
They couldn't even dream of something like this.

More like mega Stasi.


Stasi was more into hacking people than tech. Or breaking people to be honest.

Only thing that will happen is hackers gonna fuck up the UK for good.

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What can I say, other than another satisfied nation. :smiley: But only with a sarcastic smile on my face. The possibilities listed by Boing Boing are even more dangerous if, ideally, we do one day manage to build a nation like that. Seem's like a fool's errand.

sigh And the sad reality is we need her to carry on with the Brexit negotiations, and even then if that wasn't the case, the masses tend not to understand how the internet works regardless. Or they revert back to the stupid thing of "I've got nothing to hide, so I'm not worried" completely missing the point of it.

Another worry is how they want to control what is uploaded/said on social media and also what news we see. Like that totally can't be abused for whoever is in powers agenda.


stenography is pretty great
and the one to master it is pretty great also

Politicians who are not psychopaths are better to have.

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Is ham radio still legal in England?

This is what happens when you let old dumb people run the country. Didn't this idiotic woman just came out with a statement that human rights laws might have to change to fight terrorism? Let that sink in. She's basically saying that the UK should do what the terrorists want most of all in order to fight terrorism. She is infuriatingly stupid.


She is not stupid. She wants total control over everything. I would go as far and say that some of the attacks UK had in past year could be orchestrated by her and the secret service (MI5, MI6) to strike fear into people and justify her draconian laws.


Compromising your own country's cyber security and announcing publicly that you might have to change human rights laws doesn't strike me as particularly intelligent.

Why the fuck would you link Infowars and motherfucking Breitbart? That's like saying Brittney Spears is actually a man and citing The Inquirer as your source. At least link some credible sources FFS.

Feel free to link to CNN or the BBC

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I would worry about the secret services/rouge police more than hackers.

It is not stupid at all if you are a wannabe dictator. Think about it, seems like ordinary people will get hit hard while the big corporations who are dear friends of the Theresa May government probably will get a free pass.

The anti-ISIS protest was obviously very, very small. Unless someone proves that CNN organized the protest it's not fake news. The protest was real and the participants were real. There just wasn't nearly enough of them to make it a worthwhile story, so CNN decided to tell the participants to do stuff and they went around shooting the protest from different angles to make it more fun. So is it fake news - nope. Is it relevant news - nope. And that's the important part here. Irrelevance never stopped CNN from reporting on something. They somehow managed to talk about that missing plane for a month despite the fact that nobody had any new information about it after the very first day or so. But they did everything they could to keep talking about it. They even brought in experts to ask for their opinion. It was hilarious.



...I am not surprised by Mrs Mays renewed demands to crack down on the internet - and common encrypted comms platforms in particular. She has been trying to do that since she was the Home Secretary. She is clearly getting her tech info from very one-sided sources - most likely the police & security services which have probably said: "Before Snowdon, there were few popular comms tools with end-to-end encryption, back then we might have seen the recent attacks coming". She is oblivious to those that point out that it would not be hard for criminals and terrorists to shift to a new platform if the current ones were compromised - or just start using old tech, code words & one-time pads etc.

The UK already has some of the most strict anti-terror laws ever established in a democratic state. If the state suspects you are a terrorist the Home Secretary or PM already has the power to lock you away without trial - there are a few hoops they need to jump through and bothersome appeals processes. Anyhow, it's got to the point that there has been so many new anti-terror laws enacted post 9/11 that the UK government is even running out of names for them.

Recent (past 20 years or so) UK governments have become very good at introducing new laws as knee jerk reactions. It allows them to pretend to the public that they can control things - and are doing something. This isn't so bad whilst the UK actually has the ability to hold politicians/civil services to account and largely goes unnoticed (or they just try again after a couple of years if there was initially a public outcry), the way things are going however this is going to get increasingly difficult if certain groups ever managed to get themselves elected - the legal framework is in place they would simply misuse it to get rid of their political opponents. Populist right-wing newspapers like the Daily Mail attacking opposition MP's and High Court Judges also don't help... now more terrorists attacks mean that demands for an end to laws like the Human Rights Act are being made.

This really is not in the interests of the majority in the UK - even if they think it is needed to keep them safe. It's already got to the point that tin-pot and mafia dictatorships are be able to refuse to be lectured by the USA and UK - after all, they now just copy our laws.

I honestly don't think the current UK government or security services have some sort of conspiracy going, they are just not standing back and looking at the big picture. Instead they demand action and tell the public how they can keep them safe if they allow them to do X & Y. It's now all they seem to know.


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