Theoretical gaming rig

this is what I came up with

I have the 750w power so I can sli the 780 ti later on

what do you think?

Your i5-4670k may bottleneck two 780tis.  If you're not overclocking, look into the Xeon 1230v3.  It's essentially an i7 with no overclocking capabilities and no graphics onboard.

//edit: no longer applies

also the ssd seems to be fairly small. i like my 240 and i can put a decent amount of "favorite" games on it rather than one or two with 120. just a thought!

i do plan to overclock. what would b able to handle 2 780 tis in sli?

An i7 4770 is really the best match.

A 4670k is more than capable of playing with 2x780 TIs.

I would recommend looking into the GA-Z87X-UD4H board, it is an excellent board, I would recommend it.



Did a double check; you should be fine with the i5-4670k.  When you add 3 780tis, then I would start worrying.

If anyone have enough money for 3 780tis they better not cheap out on the CPU.


thanks guys