The yet to be on sale E3 - ASUS ROG Previewed 4K 43-inch ROG gaming monitor with Display Stream Compression (DSC)

@wendell posted a video last week that tweaked my ears. While I hate E3 and other shows because all the details are missing and often the launch dates.

I find myself about to buy a 4K 41-43" display for my PC and Wendell ticked all the boxes and then some on this new ASUS ROG 43" display. One article below for reference.

Is this thing coming out in the next 6 months or something similar from another company? Because I can wait. I have been waiting for freesync, 4K, 40+ inchs and high refresh rates even if at 1080p gaming and was about to just hit the buy button on a local australian samsung tv because I was done waiting.

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I too have sent inquires and waiting for replies. It sounded like release was imminent because this is what was shown at ces (from what I could tell). Though the final model got some upgrades.

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Asus tends to show things and then forget they even made them.


Display stream compression is a temporary cost-saving measure because displayport 1.4 doesn’t have enough bandwidth to handle 4k at high refresh rates and HDR. It’s lossy, like a JPEG. I’m not super enthusiastic about that.

What we need is HDMI 2.1 or displayport 1.5, to actually support it right.

I too am eyeing the same monitor… Its fricken Gorgeous

The question is, how bad?

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The article said no chroma subsampling stuff, but does that mean it is 4.2.0 or 4.2.2 off the bat or is it able to do 4.4.4 and keep the colour detail.

The thought had crossed my mind hough that it was going to lose skmething doing this.

It seems like it’s been a long while since there was excitement around 40"(ish) 4k monitors!

My AMH399U is starting to show it’s age, I’d love to see more screens like this one teased by ROG!

I don’t think this is accurate. The rep I spoke to said it was no perceptible loss/444 and implied that the compression was lossless in nearly all scenarios

That’d be impressive. I wonder how they manage that.

Maybe they found a way to “stream PNG” in a way. That would allow for lossless compression.

I don’t see why that wouldn’t be possible, but according to DSC is indeed lossy. They call it “visually lossless” and claim it was “verified by subjective testing” so I would expect something akin to a 256kbps MP3. Good enough for most people but not literally lossless.


Any updates?

I have just been doing some research looking for a new monitor. Lots of info learned, but long story short:

Monitors are behind TVs and a RIP OFF. Check this:

The LG c9 Oled TVs have:
1ms response times
6-13ms input lag
are HDR compatible with 800nits peak brightness and 98% DCIP-3 colour
120hz capable (HDMI 2.1 no display port)
Have adaptive sync
Oh and is OLED!

…and is the same price (or lower) as the Asus PG27UQ for waaaaayyyyy more features and performance.

Check out the c9 for a no compromise monitor, or get last year’s c8 if you don’t care about 4k/120hz.

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I totally get this. Like with all the things BUT

These epic displays are only available in 55" sizes and up from my research. Ive tried to justify getting one for a desktop but its too big. Well I believe.

I almost want to do it and just game at 1440 in a window and it would be ok if the desktop backgroup was super dark.

Yeah it is unfortunate that it is so big. Mainly though my post was to facilitate thinking outside of the box. It seems that PC monitor manufacturers have grown complacent and let higher end TVs become the superior product.

At least for me, I was looking at some of the upcoming 43" displays, but can no longer justify purchasing them. They are only a couple hundred dollars shy of this TV, yet are compromising on not having major features such as FALD.

An option I am considering is mounting it on the wall behind my desk. OLED has good viewing angles, so that shouldn’t be a problem.