The upcoming future of screen technology - Overkill?

Hey guys,so I saw this article

It makes me wonder,why would people want a 1440p resolution on a 5.4 inch and 6.2 inch display?

Personally I have an Sony Xperia U as my personal device,it has a 3.5 inch WVGA display (480x854),with a pixel density of 280ppi. (I don't really notice any individual pixels (Trust me,I stick my eye onto the display) -_-"

Of course,bigger display like the HTC One,GS4,Find 5 have some incredible display quality. (I love it.)

That's already insanely crisp. (I doubt anyone can notice any pixels)

4K display for tablets is ok,but not really necessary,as it's not like we'll get more workspaces,most mobile os like android for example,workspaces are decided by the amount of dpi settings.

For me personally,high resolution on a mobile display is a double edge sword,I mean galaxy note 2014 edition tablet,runs the highest end soc on the market right now,but still,performance is inconsistent.You might argue that it's touchwiz that brings down the performance,and I know,I'm a dev (sort of) at,and I've been an advanced user and do some bug fixing/optimization/porting for a few years now (nearly 3 years to be more exact.)

I would prefer a phone with better graphics power rather than a higher resolution display (1080p is ok,720p is more than enough for me to be honest.)

So,what's your take on this,do you think it's too much or it's should get even higher resolution coming?(lolwut)

Leave some responses down below.

Yeah it's stupid. Drains the battery faster too probably. It sounds cool though and people will buy it. It's just like the megapixel race.

I don't think it's stupid. If you remember, people said the same thing when 1080p was coming out.

You wont be able to know until you see it with your own eyes. Once you see that you CANT see any of the pixels, and you get an amazingly vibrant and smooth display, you'll never want to go back.

Yes,I got my hands on a HTC One a while ago,and I have to say it was amazing. 460ppi if I'm not wrong (I can't remember)

But 1440p?