The ultimate question for every computer

Is it best to leave your computer on for a long period of time (1-2 weeks) or turn it off when unattended?

I would presume to turn it off when unattended for longer periods of time. A computer isn't like a light where one should turn it off every time they leave the room; that is nonsense. I usually turn my computer off when going to school, work, or anything that means I will be away for a few hours because I don't want the fan to continue to run and wear down, of course, if I'm compiling a large project I am forced to leave the computer on. Nonetheless, I can't think of reason why someone would be correct in leaving their computer on for weeks on end, lawlz.

if your using an SSD, then i dont really see why not. I just wouldnt completely recomend it.

network storage, bitcoin mining... etc. otherwise, i usually leave my laptop on unless i'm going to bed, or going to be away for more than 2 hrs (even then, i sometimes just put it in sleep), or it's going in the case (it actually was on for like 3 hours in the case once)

I do, however, have my laptop set to turn off the screen after 2 minutes....

I would recommend shutting it down at night. I used to leave my computer on for months at a time. It eventually wore down the HDD to where every time I boot up it says that the hard disk is in danger of failing. So now, I shut it down every night and power it up again in the morning.

turn it off. Reduces natural wear, and also wastes electricity (for no good reason)

< 24h absence (school, sleep ...) = Sleep mode

> 24h absence (buisness trip, hollidays ...) = Turn it off completly

I use my main rig as a media server for the time being until I finish my other build. So mine stays on all the time.

Turn it off, go green lol, prolong the life of the hardware, it takes no time at all to boot even if you have mechanical hard drives. Go grab a banana or something while it boots haha ;)

i just put mine into hibernate

So, the planet, and a lot of money, or under 60 seconds of convenience?


I would go with the more moral one. 

I used to, but my laptop actually boots faster from all the way off than from hibernate.....

i use a desktop with an ssd boot drive so either way it boots pretty quickly and i dont mind waiting that much for it too boot