The U.S. Now Has to Be Careful With Snowden

More news about the asylum of Snowden.

He has been granted temporary asylum in Russia.Now here is the funny part, this enraged the Obama Administration and especially Congress. The U.S. Government just isn't happy period, and seeing they had put hard work into being friends with Russia thanks to the Cold War.

My personal thoughts on this is a good thing for Snowden, he did happen to use his First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech and Press. We need more people like him just to piss our Government off even more so more people become aware. I did here on the radio the other day that Snowden couldn't leak anymore information for one year to keep the asylum, can't remember off the top of my head. Check this WETM TV (My Local News Station) post for more details

From reading that I'm getting the vibe of a possible third World War or Second Cold War. Seems to me like The American Government has a lot to hide. Should those that are for the people REALLY be hiding so much?

I Don't know if you are aware but the Cold War never ended just took a different path. We are having another arms war with Russia right now in Syria. After the collapse of Russia they just renamed the KGB to the FSB. President Puttin was a KGB operative that Also was a member of the now renamed FSB. The collapse of communism only happened because of economic reasons but the internal structure of Russia still has remnances of a communistic back ground. The term End of the Cold War is a farse created by main stream media. So in the famous words of Flava Flave "DON'T BELEIVE THE HYPE"

If you look at now, and a 100 years back. Nothing much has changed. Just technology. And more control for goverments. The best democracy is the one in wich the government fears the people. Unfourtunately they seem like to win right now.

I have hate for russia nowadays. I love them for Providing asylum for Snowden but hate them for everything else.

Please support your arguement...i'm bothered by your comment of hate for russia

I don't think he means he hates russia, but the people in it.

The best democracy is a one without polliticions but rather educated peope running the country.

From my understanding, when Communist Russia collapsed, the average citizen still didn't trust their government. They still used the black market to buy their goods. Since the communists originally used members that were criminals during the first revolution (1918?), I don't believe the government ever really severed ties with any criminal elements in that country. Not that difficult to crucify somebody to sate the publics need for action. Just look at all the changes in leadership during Stalin's reign for examples. 

Things are just as convuluted here in the U.S. The difference is we have figureheads, such as the president, that shield government agencys. The president/congress will act all huffed up, set up a commitee to investigate, and maybe share some information without releasing any names of those in charge of all these crazy programs they are running (prism, whatever goes on at gitmo, etc.)

I have begun to care a little less for the national government lately. I believe it would be more effective if we all switched our attention to the state governments, because that is where most of our power will come from when we need to protect our rights. State government officials have to live with the rest of us. So, in theory, they will pay closer attention to what we have to say, and hopefully act towards what we want, and expect from our government. 

Here in WA, state congress has done a fairly decent job. They are focusing on our education budget, kinda sorta figuring out ways to effectively regulate marijuana, and our gun rights have not been infringed upon. Even the Fish and Game have done a nice job. I believe that is because citizens show up at these meetings, and offer their input in person. E-Mails, online petitions, and anything done as an anonymous mass, are pure bullshit.

You can't expect anyone to take you seriously if you can't stand in front of them, look them in the eye, and tell them what you believe the government should be doing. Politicians can't ignore that. If they try, their ass is grass, and next election we find a different individual for the job.

If you think you care about what your government does, then show that you care. Go to a town meeting everyonce in a while, keep up to date on what your state government is doing. It really isn't that difficult. All that needs to be done to do it is to shut off the tv/pc for a  few hours, and head over to the city hall, state government building, where ever, and throw in your two cents. 

The internet is great for sharing ideas, but personally I do not believe it an effective tool for action. Would like to hear what people believe we can get done in a virtual enviroment. 

would I get a say in a town meeting, being a freshmen in highschool (as of tommorow)?

They are public yo. So if you want to go, they have no choice but to let you in. You have no excuses.

They do, of course, also have taser guns...So.

The problem is that people continue to associate democracy with freedom...Two very different concepts. That is the reason why America's enlightened "Founding Fathers" created a Republic ("...if you can keep it mam."), not a Democracy. Democracy, in the opinion of many Classical Greek Thinkers, and posterior Philosophers, and Political Thinkers, was/is the worst form of tyranny...An opinion I totally agree with. Until "We The People" are educated to what a Democracy really is, and why the USA was founded as a Republic, the tyranny will just keep on growing. I've seen this road before, and it ain't pretty...Unless you are a psychopath, of course. 

When almost 70% of a population depends, directly, or indirectly, on the Government to subsist no form of free society, with individual freedoms can exist. The Government can always count on it's "whores" to impose the "greater good", thus crushing the individual. The Founding Fathers transformed every man into a King, no mob would ever be able to crush the power of Dasein, yet the little people choose Das Man, and are now left with nothing but Agst.

The "Founding Fathers" also warned against a "Standing Army"...But I can't remember why that would be, after all the Armed Forces are the biggest employer in America, and Weapons the biggest American export. They also had some "crazy idea" about perpetual war...But since America has been in perpetual war since FDR...Maybe they knew something that some of us have conveniently forgotten.

Now, the guy that declared "war on Terror" was an absolute genius. Let me see, a perpetual war against an enemy that can always be redefinable, and recycled, thus never defeated. It is also a war on a Psychological concept, not a physical, definable entity...Keep the people afraid, thus in terror, thus war on terror.

And then there is the effective abolishment of the Posse Comitatus Act, which permits the armed forces to be used against the People...How did the American People ever permit such an aberrations? 

On September 26, 2006, President Bush urged Congress to consider revising federal laws so that U.S. armed forces could restore public order and enforce laws [not justice] in the aftermath of a natural disaster, terrorist attack or incident, or other condition. These changes were included in the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 (H.R. 5122), which was signed into law on October 17, 2006 [funny how they play with dates...Orwell anyone?].

I particularly like the part that states "[...]or other condition." Wow...Not only vague, but also applicable to anything, Pure Genius.

Nice work American People, you have done a stellar job in protecting the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon any human society (The now defunct Constitution, and Bill Of Rights)...How proud your ancestors would be...Not.


Yes, please elaborate.

I regularly visit Russia, the Ukraine, and the land of my ancestors (Baltic States). I would really like to know what that everything else might be...Just out of curiosity.

I sincerely hope this was an attempt at irony.

Nah...World War Three will begin when the USA tells the PR of China that it has no money to pay them what is owed...Or we will all have to learn Mandarin (WWIII doesn't sound that bad, all things considered).

Russians are a very old, wise, and loving people...Any war would only occur if highly provoked, or if they were put into an impossible situation...Zugzwang!

As for the Cold War, it only existed as an inversion of the West, in order to keep building-up the Military-Industrial Complex, and maintain the population in a constant state of panic. On every occasion it was the West, not the USSR, that provoke confrontation.

As for your last question...I seem to remember the Whistleblower Protection Program, wonder where that went...

President Reagan clearly stated that whistleblowers should not only be protected, but incentivised, and rewarded. Then again, he was shot for trying to destroy the Fed, and create a "Currency Of The People".