The true value of crypto currency

  •  here is where you can see the true value in crypto currencies like bit coin, but only if they are used as money, such as being paid for mowing somebody's lawn in bitcoin, or being able to use bitcoin to buy every day goods at the grocery store, the current state where it is seen as a speculative currency similar to stocks, is a waste of potential , and simply perpetuates the same broken system we are currently using. think of it this way, if we take back control of how our money is created we will no longer have to pay massive portions of taxes in interest to banks while getting nothing in return. i think this bullshit has gone on for long enough.




thats just the issue, its being treated as a commodity rather than a form of payment, that is the reason why its so unstable for even the newest currencies.

here is another great video that goes into great detail about Bitcoin  and MT. GOX