The TEK: Supplimental

I don't know about anyone else but some TEKWendell: supplimental would be nice. It has been a quite a few good topics like:

the Clinton email server, disclosure requirements, and small potential that she could be removed from the race.
Brazzers Forum got hacked.
Microsoft Hopes To Hire More Coders With Autism.
New Research Reveals Hundreds of Undiscovered Black Holes
General Motors Recalls 4.3 Million Vehicles Over a Software Bug
Volkswagen Engineer Pleads Guilty in US Diesel Emissions Probe
University of California's Outsourcing Is Wrong, Says US Lawmaker (
Dell To Cut At Least 2,000 Jobs After EMC Acquisition

FCC Chief To Unveil Revised Plan To Eliminate Cable Boxes!!!! How could you not!!

Call Qain!!!!

I can feel myself atrophy without Wendell imparting his knowledge and insights on a weekly basis.


Or like go full on like HAK5 and get a "Co-Host." That would be good.


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US Tech Firms Urge Congress To Allow Internet Domain Changeover
OK this sounds good superficially but the fact that Facebook, Google, and twitter reaaaalllly wants this make me nervous.

Wendell what do you think? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

OMG, look at what I have had to resorted to. (Yes this is SG1 leave facepalm).

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