THE TEK IS DEAD We Have No Alternative!

The story about matt and trey is i think matt hates money and keeps trey around lol.

freedom of speech asshole

Meh I'll still listen to the tek I've lost some respect for Logan given how he handled things with the forum but I do think his opinions on topics are still worth a listen.

I'd still like to see Wendell on the tek now and then but new hosts might bring some interesting dynamics that are fun to watch.

Time to jump over to pcper Podcast.

Are we really still talking about this? Logan screwed up, he apologized, get over it, the community will never go back to how it used to be with posts like this, if you feel the forum is dead find some other forum, but I can assure you it aint and the community will keep it going.

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There's no need to come to such conclusions at this time. As bad as this situation is there is always a way back.

Patience draws the prize.

Watch a PGP stream from the past week. Trust me my friend - you have nothing to worry about.

I really don't see why we need a million fear mongering topics, there's already some established ones for this nonsense.

Wendell and Logan are still negotiating, people are still awaiting a proper and sincere apology from Logan's end, there's some new business manager on crowd control on Logan's side.

People are still posting like normal until it's decided whose going to be maintaining these forums, until then the pitchfork stands are on standby awaiting further notice to sell off their surplus.

Logan fucked up, I think everyone understands this by now.


Why is this even a thread?



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Indeed, there was more interesting tech-related talk in that one stream than there was in episodes 245, 246 and 247 of "the show whose name shall not be mentioned anymore' combined


I prefer the PGP streams to actual Tek Syndicate videos just because they are regularly scheduled, are unscripted, take no video editing, allow you to directly support the team, and above all else, you can pick their brains through the chat.


At this point I'm hoping that Qain and Wendell do their own show, I really enjoyed the episodes they did without Logan and I think that's the best possible outcome we can hope for now.

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Lol true i have been enjoying the pgp streams.

Wendell said no coming back from this one.

Actually, the Tek isn't what I'll miss. Too much sensationalism. I prefer their videos on Hardware.

But what I hope happens is Wendell and Qain would acquire the rest of the company and Zweihander and do something with it.

Please continue to exercise patience while we wait for updates from @wendell and @Logan as to the future of the TS platform. There are multiple other threads for discussing the current situation and updates from Logan/Wendell.

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Note: Sorry, had to post this for the joke and reference. (Not my Joke posting for them due to thread lock)

I'll go slap my wrist and sit in the corner now.