THE TEK IS DEAD We Have No Alternative!

I don't wanna watch linus i don't wanna watch that horrid show barnaculous and jayz2cents have where they are disorganized as fuck. There is nothing else like the tek, such a simple/effective format.

EDIT: Logan really fucked us. he fucked us real good.

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Be patient OP. The worst is past, give them some breathing room and time to recover

Logan really fucked us. he fucked us real good.

Logan didn't 'fuck' anyone, most certainly not anyone from the community. They had an internal conflict. You like the channel, so do I, let's just give 'em time and see what happens. They hired a manager who spoke both with Logan and Wendell's team and hopefully after the smoke clears, we'll have Logan and Wendell talking smack and giggling on The TEK.

Until then, chill.


Its Logan's business, he can do whatever he wants with it. Wendell and Qain had creative differences along with transparency issues so they left(or in process), I don't think Logan wanted that, its just the end result of everything unfortunately.

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From how i see it this whole thing could have been avoided completely on logans end. There was no need for him to "try" and push wendell out
Because that's what happened. Logan attempted a slimy move that backfired.

i don't really care for qain lol he's just there to be there i didn't even know they were paying him i thought he was a sys admin or something.

Logan owns majority of the business and has been overall the commander and chief from the beginning. Wendell has decided to leave on his own accord, he hasn't necessarily been fired (since he owns a bit of the business)..

Honestly, the only person who has really been fucked by Logan's shenanigans is Logan himself, it has directly affected his reputation and patreon/community support lines. So trust me, he is bleeding and he feels the pain, hopefully it ultimately helps him learn to manage everything BETTER in the future.


From my understanding (and I could be wrong), Logan wanted to make Wendell an admin while Qain quit and Logan wished to prevent any sabotage or damage.

I require a confirmation on this!

I'm not demonizing Logan, But Logan is the responsible one in this whole situation. All Logan has to do is bring back things to how they were. Let's hope wendell is smart and returns without any extra bullshit. Maybe they can both forget about this. That's probably the best thing for both of their mental health.

He talked about it on his blog a while back that I'm sure you have seen? basically he has been trying to do a orderly exit from part ownership for quite some time, that doesn't mean he will stop making content with Logan on occasion.

Personally I would like Logan to give Wendell's 30% investment back, then keep Wendell on as someone who helps him with admin and content work from time to time.

I would like to see Wendell return to 'The Tek' series, I see no reason why he can't just sit down with Logan and do that, sure Logan will need to give him some money but that is all good because the community liked Wendell's calm demeanor input on topics. (and I think he helped stabilize Logan's derailments a bit :) )

Lets all build a fire and sing some songs... weee...

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Wendell is funny too, He's the one who came up with the iron dick chainey line lol.

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Not to mention the centicow.

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Lmao centicow

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For GPU CPU news AdoredTV I would say.


@anon63470048 Don't you know friendship ends as soon as cash is involved.

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Really? Have you ever heard of Matt & Tray from South Park?
There's a lot of money involved there. They're still friends.

The conflict wasn't only about money, it's never only money.

As I've said on other threads. If your so butt hurt about this just go ahead and leave instead of making these pointless threads bitching about this topic.