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That ASMR joke, Logan. I got it! :p Made me laugh.

Lucas Cranach the Elder - The Fountain of Youth

Just because "digital" TV is digital, it doesn't mean that it works the same way as the "digital" signal of the internet. Digital TV still works very much alike the older analog TV over the cable ( i'm talking about coax type tv cable, that is what is run in the states as well right ? ) Every 'digital' TV channel is encoded to a digital signal and this signal is put on the coax cable. Now any customer can plug into the cable in a parallel way and decode the channel. Without increasing bandwith! Every single channel , digital or not, is always available on the cable. The bandwith for this total is fixed.

The internet signal is a unique signal for each customer. Every customer has his own connection to the servers. When you ask for data, it will come over the cable just for you. Noone else can use that. So you increase the bandwith that is needed.

-If two or a hundred people watch a single digital TV channel the bandwith it takes won't increase.
-If two people watch netflix it takes twice the bandwith as one viewer would use.

I'm not defending Comcast, but that is the way that digital tv works. You can't say that digital tv is "just data" because the working principle is entirely different.

My interpretation is a little different in the respect that when the
signal signal is encoded to digital, it does become just data from the
general sense. TV channels are just broadcast in a way that do not
utilize IP addressing, however the concept would be the same. They are
just broadcasting to everyone all the time. I see it similar to if
Netflix broadcast their entire library to everyone all the time it would
be the same concept. If anything cable tv is an incredible waste of
bandwidth because not everyone is accessing every channel all the time
even though the signal is still there. Albeit they are in different
frequency ranges. Netflix is actually saving bandwidth because they are
only broadcasting what viewers want to see instead of the whole list. At
the end of the day, the ISPs need to update their infrastructure to
support growing user need, not attempt to discourage people from using
bandwidth with throttling caps.

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Logon gets grumpy when he has to sit on a floor..

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Aged care is very expensive for government. Keeping people working would be profitable for governments.

I get u Logan i'm giant to(2.2m) this shait aint four us :)

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I wouldn't give money to Double Fine (Tim Schafer, Psychonauts). They have proven that they can't handle investment money very well. Anyone remember SpaceBase DF9? Yeah that early access game that Double Fine just cancelled and never finished. Similar story with Broken Age, huge amounts of money that just seemingly went up in smoke. So no Schafer, you're not getting any of my dough to burn.

Look at how fast Double Fine under Schafers management burns through their budgets. Compare it to other projects. Yeah, it's like that. Look at how Massive Chalice ended up. Yes it is released. Is it really a finished game? Bah, rant over.

Yeah I'm 194 cm, lol... Sitting on the floor is a bad idea.

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What happens if we stop aging: overpopulation. Old people die so that newer generations have enough room and resources left on the planet. If we are to live forever, we must either stop reproducing, or use the cure only after we manage to colonize other planets, so we don't have to worry about running out of room on Earth.

Actually if we can live forever it should be easier to work out how to colonize other planets.

Now you spend the first 30-35 years learning most of the stuff that others found out, then 20 years adding a bit of your own info, then 10 years of teaching it to the next generation and then it's time to retire.
Imagine what you could do if you could work on the same thing for 200 or more years ...

All the digital TV channels are send directly , in real time, and yes consume a lot of bandwith. But if 100 people start watching Netflix, that will cost 100x the bandwith of one stream since Netflix streams the same thing to every single user seperate. If the whole of TV streaming would be done this way, it won't save bandwith I think.

As I said, I certainly do not defend the way ISP handle things. They must adapt to the needs of the customer and should deliver what you pay for. But TV is just a whole other concept of broadcasting and bandwith use and can't be compared with "data = data".

If comcast decides to start streaming TV just like Netflix, this becomes a whole other story ofcourse, and then tv data is just data.

So what's the reason for the never ending moving?


Thanks for bringing us the Tek this week! I'm in line for that Signal desktop beta. Looks interesting. Been looking for a more secure alternative to Skype for a while.

he bought candy instead

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I do not know what kind of libertarian you are talking to but a real one would not just say leave the markets alone as they are in the current environment. In fairness you basically said this, but my contention is that more regulation is not the answer. You can be certain that any regulation will be turned on its head by major corporations. The trick is to deregulate so that they do not have the angles to exploit in the first place nor the power to keep out competitors that would otherwise challenge them, returning to their only source of sustained success of being held responsible by the end user's earned respect.

An episode with some interesting stories.

Comcast are cheeky to try yet smart to try and claim its within their "own" network.

@Logan @DeusQain

RE: investment model for Zweihander game

I don't think the investment model will be good for you at all unless it will raise a significant amount of EXTRA money over what the Kickstarter model would raise, AND be used to expand the scope of the project. Jennifer should be able to give you guys an idea of how much 'extra' money this model could generate for you, and you guys would need to decide what milestones would be needed to expand the scope of the project (i.e. if you would even need more money, and thus an investment scheme).

If you don't need a significant increase in funds over a standard fundraiser, then I would say that the investment model is probably a terrible option. I say this because the Zweihander game could have the potential to be an unprecedented source of income for Tek Syndicate if it does well in the main stream. If this ends up being the case, it would be worth reinvesting the profit back into the business (hiring more staff, trip fund, facilities, etc), rather than essentially profit sharing with the community.

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I really liked Cain's reference to In Time. Logan, I think you should watch it. Definitely falls into the B-movie category overall, but I would put it almost in the cult classic category like 1984 or Equilibrium.
The movie touches on population control. If everyone could live forever, we would over populate the earth, so the "select few" amass more time than they could ever use so that lower level citizens could die.