The Tea Thread 🍵

STASH Pumpkin Spice
STASH Noel a Paris tisane (chocolate mint tasting)

Lucky’s Green Tea

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Earl Grey…



Old Arbor Sheng Ball (raw puerh).



I’m not the one drinking it though, it’s my ego :-/

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I to am drinking Yogi. Just got this Triple Echinacea Green.

As I speak my kurig is pouring hot water into a mug.

Since I’ve got a bad cold, I have been taking Echinacea and thought this would be a alternative to the pill.

Looks, awesome. No idea what about Echinacea, sounds healthy.

To good health then, can’t say the same for the windows operating system in the background though.

Teamspeak and Steam is available for Linux also :slight_smile:

Lmao. I use linux, but gaming on windows, adobe software aren’t really an option. Yes there are ways, but I will stick to windows. I have linux dual booted and running on virtualbox.

There are some software considered to be alternatives on Linux, anyway enjoy the tea

Lupicia Momo Oolong Super Grade peach tea master race

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Our online store has some kinds of high quality Chinese tea, if you guys want to buy some to taste you can visit our store, such like this kind



I really enjoy the Yogi Peach detox tea, I can’t get enough of it. I’ll drink it hot on a 95 degree Fahrenheit day.

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Earl Grey and Pure Ceylon Tea - given that I live in Sri Lanka (aka Ceylon), the stuff is plentiful over here.

Lipton Green Decaf

Chai tea with my Tai Chi


…cheap… T-T just got into it so im down for some recommendations that aren’t overly expensive, stuff that isn’t too bitter would be preferred.

acia berry tea is great… I generally tend to stick with STASH as in the first post… its good stuff.

stash is the quality tea, love it.

Earl Gray with double bergamot. (my fav)

If I’m not drinking coffee, it is tea I grow myself. Tastes the best, although I’m biased as I have been growing it for a long time and tea bags are bleh.

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I’m mostly a coffee sorta guy (either filtered, cold-brew or caffeine tablets), but I enjoy Club Mate for my “tea-like” experience.

Anyone have tips on cold-brewing tea? I do it for coffee and it’s the bomb, can it be done easily with tea as well?

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