The story of ACIV is fundamentally flawed

Am I the only one who thinks the story of Assassin's Creed IV is fundamentally flawed?

The whole point of the last games was that you were part of a creed. You were fighting for good. For justice and freedom for all people. While the Templars were the exact opposite. They were the oppressors wanting to control people.

This time however, you're nothing more than a bloody pirate. You have some connections to the Assassin's but you're not one yourself. You are not fighting for justice and freedom. You steal from other people, and kill innocent travelers. You plunder whatever you can find. It's all about your personal benefit, and not about what's good for humanity.

Edward Kenway is not a man who deserves to wear the clothes of an Assassin. He has no honor, no moral high ground over the Templars, he has no respect for the human life and does not distinguish good from evil. He is essentially the bad guy, even though his end goal may align with the one of the creed.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing bad guys in video games, it's just that this new "assassin" feels extremely out of place.

Yeah, but they had to get another game out.  ;-)