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The small linux problem thread



That’s why I run a LTS as my core OS and then put everything in LXCs. Anything goes wrong on the host I just migrate my containers over, they pick up the same IPs, and everything works.


Might have to get some more details about this later on, but the problem wasn’t so much Fedora’s fault, but the fact that the system crashed. I don’t know if it’s a hardware or software fault here…


Really don’t see how it could be a hardware problem. Physical data corruption wouldn’t look like that. Yes it crashed, but it’s supposed to recover from that.


Could have been one of those btrfs issues that cropped up the other day… I was trying to update away from 4.17.7


Sure, but that’s a software problem.


I wasn’t disagreeing.


I haven’t used KDE in a while. I installed XFCE because KDE might be fucking with some games, and IS fucking with some of my app UI’s. But the login screen is kwin, or whatever its called.

I’m in netrunner rolling (arch / manjaro). I like SDDM, so can I just… install SDDM and not muck with scripts and crap?


I thought KDE used SDDM…


Nope it has an integrate login manager.

It used to, but with a lot of work pushed through recently it does it all itself.

Also I ask this because I can’t select something else I can only use KDE at login.


Ah, for some reason I remember something about KDE and SDDM. Maybe it was a distro using it by default.


Probs manjaro lol.


kde on fedora still uses SDDM iirc

Can also use whatever login manager you want.


Yep, just checked:



Kwin is KDE’s Window Manager, which is what gives you all the eye candy.


I still can’t select other DE’s / WM’s in Netrunner at login.


Is the option to change to another DE missing? Or is it always loading KDE when you pick something else?
Is there a “Change Session” button"?


Theres no menu’s for other sessions at all. Complete delete.


I’m guessing it is the theme that is missing the option. Just to check something…

Go into KDE System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Login Screen (SDDM) then the Advanced Tab. Click Auto Login, the Session tab is now accessable. Does Xfce show up as a session? If it does, unclick the Auto Login, (or keep it and pick XFCE to be the default) go back to the theme tab and change to the stock Breeze SSDM theme, if it isn’t installed, click the Get New Theme at the bottom and pick a different theme.



Yeah so thats not there at all, and because I’m not a KDE user, I dunno how I’m supposed to add it?


The theme is being a butt and not showing the ability to change your DE. Choose a new theme.