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The small linux problem thread



Or do you mean the menus path that Diff told you to travel down is not there?

Or the content that Diff told you to find is not there?


I thought Netrunner Rolling defaulted to KDE.

Here is how you can change the SDDM theme.


Uhhh. Where would I find that?

Or never mind.


The sad part about this is that you are using a German distro, and the distro is not well engineerd.


Thats really retarded I shouldn’t have to edit fucking config files in SDDM to get a good login for my OS.

Another reason KDE pisses me off.

Now I can fix 2 manjaro laptops I was gunna wipe today.


It’s your distro’s fault that it uses a non-standard conforming theme. KDE has the ability to change SDDM themes in the system settings without editting config files.


So im having a pretty bad ram leak that i cant seem to figure out. Almost 3GB of ram is unaccounted for and its making it really hard to multi task :frowning:


35% is cs:go
The next few things are steam and chromium


Okay, so what I did once which sorta helped me was to compile a kernel myself with some options for the AMD Graphics.

Here is what I would conjure up:

  1. Get rid of all the drivers you installed so only one left is the OSS amdgpu driver
  2. get the latest kernel for Manjaro and read into compiling a kernel
  3. include everything in the kernel related to amd graphics and drm / dkms
  4. use that kernel


How many snapshots are on that btrfs system?

sudo btrfs sub list / | wc -l

Also, I may be encountering something similar, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to do some more testing. (I’m seeing slightly high usage, but I’ve got 32GB on my system, so it’s harder to tell.)


Is it possible to get this thread stickied? I am forever having small troubles with Linux, being a new user. So having this post at the top for myself, other new users, and even more experienced users would be great


zero snapshots


Hmmmmmm… That’s interesting.

I’m not sure now. I’m going to have to try to reproduce it.


alright. Im gonna sit and play with it for a bit to figure out whats going on


Fresh boot (Not even past SDDM) - 300M

Login - 800M

Starting Chromium - 1.5G

about what i would expect so far


Reinstalled fedora because the memory leak was just really bad

hopefully this goes better


Linux people, Just set up my wifes XPS 15 5790 and set up dual book Ubuntu 18.04LTS and Win10. Whenever I close the lid it doesn’t wake up correctly (I believe the default for ubuntu is to suspend the os)

Is there an easy fix for this?
Does anyone know if hibernate or something would work better.
I believe the file that controls this is /etc/systemd/logind.conf not 100% on that but seems to be that from the searches I have don so far.


Does it have an nVidia GPU? If so , then that is a known bug with the nVidia driver.

If not, then you need to go into the setting app for Unity (or Gnome?) and look at power setting. You can set what you would like to happen.

In general, sleep is iffy on some systems due to how ACPI was not implemented to the actual specification. The best bet would be to hibernate (need sufficient swap space).

**Edit. Meant to say sleep is iffy.


It has a 1050ti and igpu I did the " ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" and i believe it installed Nvidia X server, and i set the gpu to use the igpu by default through that, the issue still happens with that setting


The sleep issue has been a bug for a long time with the nVida driver. I don’t think that they will ever fix it to be honest.

Try disabling the 1050 in BIOS and see what happens. Otherwise. Hibernate is your best bet. Would invest in an SSD if you have not.


It has a 970 evo 1tb :stuck_out_tongue: i dont use spinning rust in anything but a storage server