The Right Pc Build?

Hey Guys, Just need some quick tips. Im building a Pc, and I've been looking at Game egg on ebay and they have pretty sweet deals. I already have a GPU (GTX 660), and 16Gb dual-channel ddr3 memory which I will also use, also I have a HDD 2tb card which will be used for this build. Just needed some feedback and help.

Il'l post some links to the parts I just need, all are under $650ish: australian dollars




Sound Card, do I need that???

Wireless adapter, I definetly need this :

I already have this case on the way:

Anything I could improve for the same amount of price kinda?

Feedback and help always appreciated, thanks. 

ps...I probs wlll try and overclock the gpu for a bit of extra performance


CPU: get the unlocked version of that processor. you may say you won't overclock, but still, you just migh in the future.

PSU: get one from corsair, not that one. 

You don't really need a sound card, but its all choice. its kind of like integrated graphics vs dedicated graphics, its just better. 

CASE: never seen that thing in my life but it looks cool. 

I'd agree on the unlocked processor.  When I had my first rig, I didn't expect to be overclocking as I'd been using laptops since I was born.  I found it a nice convenience when I could overclock my C2D e8600 to speeds that could hold up to the games of 2012, and sold it for a decent amount of cash.