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The Pretty Purple Pixel Eater 2.0 - all AMD water build


Howdy folks! I figured I’d toss up a build log, since I’m addicted to buying AMD CPUs in recent years. If I had a wife to feed or kids to educate, this would be a serious problem! It appears that I have a fetish for buying AMD cores I don’t need or use, just to get some small measure of revenge on Intel for, well, just being Intel.

So I bought some X570 guts recently, and this forced the migration of my beloved Crosshair VII / 2700X combo out of my main rig, and relegated it to ‘backup rig’ status. Moving guts between systems is so easy for people who air cool. That must be nice. This is what a water coolers basement looks like when migrating guts also while having NO organizational skills whatsoever:

So this build, this backup rig, inadvertently turned out to be the nicest build I’ve ever put together, which prompted me to post it here. Since my backup rig has a Radeon VII GPU, it also became only my second all-AMD build ever, in 30 years of PC building. Another reason to post it on Level1, since everyone loves AMD here. :smiley:

So I stripped the old rig and sold it to a buddy. He has two babies and not much money, since apparently those things are expensive. So he got a good deal. Oldie was a Crosshair VI / R7 1700. The starting point was this :

Apply motherboard, GPU, Barrow flow meter, and some 16mm acrylic tube (death to PETG, death!), along with 8 million dollars in fittings:

Fill it up with coolant, and have your masculinity threatened by a mere color:

I wanted purple, not “lavender”, and certainly not pink. Out came ye olde Feser blue dye:

Now THIS was more what I had in mind:

Tried to keep the tube neat and tidy, one bend only:

I originally got this mono block for the C6H, but it fit the C7H too. Bonus:

That’s it that’s all:

Pretty Purple Pixel Eater 2.0:

AMD Ryzen 2700x / Asus Crosshair VII motherboard
4 x 8GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB RAM (3200CL14)
Gigabyte Radeon VII GPU (2100mhz core, 1200mhz HBM, woot!)
Intel 600p 1TB NVME SSE
Thermaltake Core P3 Case
Corsair AX850i 850W PSU

Water Cooling Stuff:

EK Monoblock on motherboard
EK Vector GPU block
Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper 360mm radiator - White Special Edition
3 x EK Vardar 140mm fans (white)
Singularity Computers 250mm reservoir with D5 pump (clear acrylic)
Barrow D5 dress cover (purple)
Barrow digital flow meter
Darkside G1/4" temp sensor
3 x 16MM EK hard tube fittings (purple)
8 x Darkside 90 degree fittings (white)
2 x Darkside 30mm extension fittings (white)
1 x Darkside 5mm extension fitting (because I’m too lazy to re-bend a tube)
1 x TFC SLI fitting



I could be either or. :wink:

But that’s one beautiful computer. Great job on it, mate.

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LOL, thanks! I really didn’t have to do much, other than mix dye and spend money. :smiley:

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Personally not a big fan of open cases, but this looks nice :ok_hand:



I think I would find a white led strip to put in or behind the main reservoir to pop it a bit better. Nice looking :)~

A little looking around…

Warp drive res… lol



Thanks guys!

Umm, I’ll pass on the warp drive, LOL! The Singularity res doesn’t have any decent options for lighting (I don’t consider single LEDs ‘decent’). But I do have some 3mm / 5mm LEDs somewhere, hmmm. If I can sneak one in there without more mess, I may give that a try.



Those LEDs need a wave effect from bottom up.
And this has to play in the background.

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I agree… would be cool.



Nice Build,

I also have this case, and I’m also looking to switch up some of my watercooling.
You gave me some ideas on how to make the reservoir + pump work. Also want to get the transparent pump top.

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Thanks! I don’t recommend that reservoir for lighting though. Since I’m a nerd hoarder, I had a bunch of sleeved white 3mm LEDs laying around and tried those, FOUR of them. They suck. They made a ton of mess, and provided barely any light. I put two in the pump and two in the top piece (only places to put them), and they only barely lit up the top and bottom, and provided NO light to the middle. You would almost need some sort of lit acrylic insert to put inside the tube in order to light the thing.

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Seems like that may be the case. Have any fiber optics ?

Limited options… :frowning: Something needs to balance the res with the rest of build. It could just be me ?

Led fans… Think that is path of least resistance. You have to unmount and remount.



Nope, not just you, I had the same thought. I have a Heatkiller res in my main rig that has a nice place for a light strip, but the Singularity tube has nothing. LED fans might not be a bad idea, but they’d have to be white. Gotta ponder this some more.



I can see were just the right of amount of light would be important.

Enermax makes stuff in white which leaps to mind first. I am sure there are others. Get some full rbg control ones and dial them in.

These are pretty sick looking…



Holy [email protected]#$ dude, those Enermax fans look perfect. I wonder how they perform though. This GPU can throw out some HEAT at 2100 core, so I’d hate to make sacrifices in the performance department. But DAMN, they are pretty! Thanks for the suggestions!

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Lighting problem solved! After doing a fair bit of reading, I came across these babies, Fractal Design Prisma AL-14 PWM fans:

These were not cheap, coming in at $45CDN a piece. That sounds steep (and it is), but considering what you get, it’s not as bad as it sounds:

First impression, very nice fans. They’re light for 140s (not a negative, just an observation). Notice the RGB cable, therein lies the genius:

Most RGB fans require stand alone controllers and garbage software like Corsair Link (gag me). The genius of these puppies is that you can daisy chain them, with a STANDARD 5V RGB connector, straight to a 5v ARGB header on your motherboard:

[email protected]#$# yeah! No additional software necessary, and it picked up my Aura RGB settings right away. Booya! Well, after the usual rainbow boot-up, LOL!

And the Bart said ‘let there be light’, and there was light:

I think it’s done now! It has light everywhere it needs it, so I’m calling this one DONE!

Love me dat translucent purple coolant!

Bonus pic of highly technical GPU support bracket: