The only thing I've ever heard good from Trivi

The parts at 1:11 and 1:27 and 2:04 to the end of the solo.

Anyone know any other bands with nice flowing shit like that that they constantly use? (Like the parts, not the entire song)

Ember to Inferno was actually a decent release IMO, Ascendancy was pretty damn good as well...their latest two albums are shit tho, IMO. They used to make quite good metalcore...

But ya, sorry can't think of a band like you are asking right now :P

Yeah they did.
But I still never really got into them.

I like a few songs off the last two albums though... I'll dig them up.

Ya, "Crusade" is pretty much the only song I liked of off "The Crusade"...and ya, Shogun was alright, was expecting less generic stuff tho.

One of their songs I realllllly enjoy is

This whole album always gives me a special feeling, but especially this song. Never fails to send shivers down my neck...I honestly don't know why I like it so much or why it acts this way on me lol...

I get special feelings from a lot of albums/bands but this one for some reason is unique...I always found it wierd.

ok I'm done.

Oh I think I forgot to mention.


The old Trivium was great, up until recently when they started trying too hard to win.