The Oneplus One is now available on

This just showed up on my Facebook page, and I thought I would share the good news.



Currently they only have the 16gb flavor, but I would imagine they will be getting other sizes as well.


- Lt Norris  

I thought this thing was only going to be $300

Thats what I thought as well.

what a rip off

at least we now know that the damn thing is actually coming to the market.

I dont care about the phone, I just want that awesome usb cable and what ever that red thing is.

The version on DX seems to be the china version of the OnePlus, its got the wrong radio for good 3g and 4g reception in the US

Good work on the check up. I didn't think about that. I managed to get an invite off someone tonight on their forums and ordered the 64GB sandstone black just now :3