The New 58mm Petzval Bokeh Control

Lomography is doing it again!
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This new lens is wider than it's predecessor 58mm vs 85 and has a slightly larger aperture at f1.9 vs f2.2. But the primary selling of this lens is the variable Bokeh Control.

Who's looking forward to this? I personally don't have the cash for one but my friend impulse'd getting one of these.

I've used the 85mm Petzval and it's effect is like no other. Here's a shot of the birdfeeder in my backyard with the 85


Here is a neat look at one apart for cleaning.(the 85mm variant)

doesnt look like bokeh, looks like distortion

Look at some of the high red pictures The center is super sharp while the outside is swirled neat effect.

Neat effect but the price is to much IMO. To pricey for such a niche lens. I can see using it a couple of times and then it will sit on my shelf.

Try grabbing an old Russian Helios 44-2 off of ebay they have a somewhat similar effect for around $30 plus the cost of an adapter (Sample Shot)