The Never ending Ways to cook Ramen Noodles

Some of you will be thinking the same as me.

(man this reminds me of college)

I'll Start with the easy ones I know for now, you can also mix them for some even better results.

One thing to note Is to try to avoid the ones with MSG or simply cook it with non-MSG Beef/Chicken/Vegetable Broth and toss the flavor packet in the trash where it belongs.

  • Simply Add Tabasco or Habanero Sauce (a little salsa also works).
  • Add some Wasabi.
  • Add some sliced Celery, & or Zucchini.
  • Find some leftover Chicken (or Other Meat) shred it and toss it in.
  • Slowly Fry (Or Poach) an egg (or more) and put it on top.
  • Put some Stale Tortilla Chips on top.
  • Cook up the noodles with barely enough broth, then drain them and mix in some Graded Cheddar/Jack and some Cream Cheese.

I may add to this list later, All I have time for at the moment.

Please feel free to post your own concoctions.

By the post heading I thought you meant how to cook them, as in cold cook prison style..Or how to cook the stove top kind in the microwave..

but here you go

But if your serious about ramen and want some of the best and don't know what to get check this guy's site out

I add egg, garlic seasoning, meat, a bit of cheese, and a little bit of salsa to my rames, and it tastes SOO GOOD.

I've never seen Ramen, but that's probably the whole being in South Australia thing. All my mates and I go with Mi Goreng, the Super Mi brand generally (sometimes Maggi noodles though). My favourite way to have it is to cook up a packet on the stove, mix it with everything including the onion (eating it regularly i mix everything THEN sprinkle the onion), then butter 2 pieces of bread, chuck the noodles on the NON buttered side, throw in some cheese and 2 fried eggs ( I generally scramble the yolk) then chuck it into a sandwich toaster. I've also been meaning to throw in some sausage or something, but it's a really good feed.

i just buy salsa picante ramen