The Nephilim Novel - Hikikomori [Full Album] |Industrial/Metal/Electro| [Break a Leg? again]

I'll save you guys the wall of text I normally do for these things. All things considered, kind of losing motivation to continue to contribute to the challenges.

I will copy and past the Youtube description here:
My current album project. These are the instrumentals. I have (hopes) of hiring a singer for these songs.


(1) "Bigger than God" - 0:00
(2) "Loud is the Will of the Machine" - 3:59
(3) "Synthonic Percussive Orchestra" - 8:40
(4) "Stranger Than You" - 12:29
(5) "Hikikomori" - 17:02
(6) "Alone" - 21:25
(7) "Everstream" - 26:39
(-) - 33:38
(b1) "What I Am" - 34:07
(b2) "Blossom" - 36:05

The Nephilim Novel is defined by heavy noisy sounds that come from a clear electronic music background, heavy rhythmic drums with high-gain guitars from a small metal influence, a chordal structure that plays by the books but pays it's homage to jazz, and contrastingly sweet and gentle strings against the grit and the grain.

Hikikomori is the first album planned to be released by me under "The Nephilim Novel" name. The tracks were built around the idea of wide, detuned super-saws, gentle piano and string sections, an agressive drum set, with the innocent tones of a music box to encapsulate the oppressive feelings of being alone and being too afraid to step away from home.

this is mostly because my mom told me I need to try harder at putting my stuff out there and to stop being scared of showing it
it's not that I'm scared of showing it when it's actually finished. I just don't want to show off an incomplete project. But, until I can have the funds for a singer, I guess this is as complete as it will get.

If you are interested in a downloadable version, let me know.

I've noticed a couple new subs on my youtube channel where I posted this video. If you subbed for the music, then I suggest you unsub. I use that channel to post vlogs of my time in China (among other stupid videos that I do). It is not a channel dedicated to my music.

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A version without Youtube compressing it to hell and back would be neat.

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If you are requesting a downloadable version, I'll see what I can do.

Needless to say, since I have been working on this album for 2 years, the mixing isn't consistent across all the songs. In general, not a huge problem. The problem comes in the final mix volume of each track.
In the video I adjusted each individual song to try and somewhat make audio levels (almost) equal across all tracks. If I make a downloadable version I will need to make the adjustment again (again not a problem)
the problem comes in to....realizing the audio level differences and wanting to try and fix the mixing rather than just lowering or raising the audio levels.