The most beefed out GPU Aftermarket designs of this gen

Hey Guys ! I just asked myself while being on the Bus Today : What are the Beefiest Graphics card up to Date ? (Heatsink Wise of course) Well , 3 slot is pretty beefy already , but imagine a 4 slot design... Anyway. The most beefy Cards I could find were :

-Asus Matrix HD 7970

Next up the INNO 3D Ichill GTX 780

These were the beefiest ones i  could think of. SOOOO If you know beefier ones , just post em. Ya know.

how about the vapor-x stuff? 

what about prolimatech's gpu cooler?

They are nice too , but im looking for something that YELLS OVERKILL-KILL-KILL ! At me.. XD

Do custom waterblocks count? :D

The Galaxy GTX 770 Hall of Fame is similar to the INNO 3D Ichill 780. edit: it looks like it's only a 2 slot though...

watercooled blocks? or even the diy all in one water coolers people have been putting on? i was thinking of putting a cpu tower cooler on the gpu

That´s a nice idea . What are you considering ? A TOpflow cooler ? A friend of mine also put a Corsair H100 I On his TItan. Holy shit. Ive gotta tell you. BUT imagine to put a Silver arrow SBe on dat.....


haha, how about those no fan heatsinks? 

i have the matrix 7970 platinum! its a beast and its suprisingly very very quiet