The low capacity (16/32) high endurance SSD question

Hi all,

Quick question for all the bearded gurus.

I have a fsc (cached) nfs mount where the write rate is ~40GB a day.

The total required cache is only about 10-20gb as most data analyzed within a 4 hour period (multiple times).

Hence, I need a relatively high DWPD SSD for the job but also a high capacity SSD is useless as most of the cache will be pointless.

Ideas? I’m thinking optane but there might be better options out there.


buy a kingston, samsung or reputable brand 256gb SSD should give you more than enough endurance for just 40gb a day

Edit: especially since 40gb a day for 5ish years is only like 70 TB written, which even the cheapest SSDs can sustain just fine, it is hard to find an ssd rated for less than 150 TB lifetime

Whether this cache is being used for a local system or a network attached systemm, there is no point in getting an SSD of only 16/32GB, no matter the speed of the drive (unless it’s RAM speeds, which drives aren’t yet, aside from RAM cache drives).

Get yourself some name-brand (Corsair, Sandisk, Samsung, SK Hynix, Kingston, Micron, etc.) PCIe M.2 SSD (NVME) of 256/512GB, and use the drive as a cache AND frequently querried data storage drive. You’ll get a much better performance increase from that, in comparison to a tiny 16/32GB cache drive, because it’ll (most likely) constantly be pulling data from a slow ass HDD.

Even if you have 0 plans of using the rest of the storage (or your use case simply can’t FOR WHATEVER REAOSN), you can at least reuse the drive in a couple years, while in a couple years, that Intel Optame drive will be useless.

Theres 64gb nvme last I checked.

Get a 280GB 900p optane

Its not cheap.
but its rated at 10 DWPD
while the samsung 860 pro is 0.64 DWPD. (they do have an enterprise offering with 5.5 DWPD)


Isn’t DWPD based on device warranty ?

warranty period for the samsung 860 pro and 900p i referenced in my post are both 5 years.

Even evos are 5 year.

Cant you use a ramcache for that? Much faster and unlimited writes. 20 GB of ram is not that expensive.

RAM would have been my first choice but sadly I’m already maxxed at 32gb.