The Linux, the notebook and the battery life

Hey guys, I am a Linux noob, but I've been thinking of installing Linux on my main PC for a while now.
The only thing that's been stopping me is that the PC is a notebook with a dedicated GPU.
I am saying this because I really like the Windows' power management. For example it switches automatically between the integrated GPU and the dedicated one, when the load requires it. I've heard that on Linux you have to do this manually. Is this true?
Is there a Linux distribution that comes with good power management and which would you recommend to use on a notebook?

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Try tlp, the laptop project. Most distros should have it check their respective repositories.

For clarification, what do you plan on using the dedicated laptop gpu for? I have Linux on my thinkpad, integrated graphics are enough for my uses.

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To add on to what BedHedd said, the Arch Wiki provides quite a bit of information once you have it installed.


I use the GPU only for gaming.
@Indolent, isn't Arch too difficult for noobs ?

1 <3 4 the title.

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you shouldn't need arch, the reason why @Indolent linked the arch wiki was because the arch wiki has extensive documentation on linux.
The process of installing and setting tlp is similar across most distros.
There will be some differences, but the guide from the arch wiki should help explain how to set it up and troubleshoot

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Thanks guys! :slight_smile: I will check out the different distros and give it a try.

The TLDR version.

Get any flavour of ubuntu you like. (I'm saying this for a reason, proper graphics switching for nvidia optimus laptops is garbage! on all other distros)

  1. Install nvidia-prime (for nvidia optimus laptops and Ignore any bumblebee nonsense[it's garbage])
    sudo apt install nvidia-3* nvidia-prime bbswitch*
  2. Install tlp
    sudo apt install tlp tlp-rdw
  3. Enable tlp
    sudo systemctl enable tlp
  4. Restart
  5. Use prime-select or optimus indicator to switch graphics cards (this requires logging in and out to affect the change)
    sudo prime-select intel OR sudo prime-select nvidia

Replace * with the full name of the package otherwise you will be installing a lot of packages that match the expression

That's the TLDR

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In the future, if you ever have a question or need documentation, try searching "TOPIC Arch Wiki". I use OpenSUSE tumbleweed myself and still get my documentation from the Arch Wiki.