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The Linux Kernel Adopts A Code of Conduct


Khronos group, guys doing Vulkan, adopted that same CoC recently I think? they responded to my email of concerns, so that’s nice I guess.

"Thank you for your email. Please share your concerns about our Code of Conduct in our issue tracker on Github where the Code of Conduct lives:

This will give us a chance to review and respond accordingly.

Best regards,
Ann Thorsnes"

added a thing to “issues”


Oh it added an FAQ, it’s awful. Guilty until Proven innocent it seems.

What should I do if I have been accused of violating the code of conduct?

The first step when dealing with accusations of violation of the code of conduct is to deal with it in a professional manner. Do not respond with sarcasm, attack the code of conduct or its enforcement, or the accuser. Calmly focus on the evidence of what happened, work to understand the damage you may have caused, and examine how your intentions may have inadvertently caused harm. The more you stick to the facts of what happened, and demonstrate your willingness to work with the administrators evaluate the claims, the better. Most importantly, trust the project maintainers to act in a fair and just manner.

Just laying out that agenda lol

“What is so wrong that white males dominate a certain profession?”


When sticking to the facts, most accusations are null and void.


I mean you can’t accuse them of hiding anything. They are blatently obvious in their end goals of getting people to adopt this code of conduct. It’s a political sjw enforcement document.

That people ignore that is a bit short sighted.


Worth adding that yes, the document could be used differently by other people like the Linux project. But, they adopted this particular coc going in with full knowledge that the document is a political document for targeting individuals.


Before everyone has an apoplectic fit, I think it’s worth reiterating a few points.

It’s possible to criticize other people’s work without being a jerk.

If you don’t like the new CoC, then fork off. Seriously. Maybe we’ll see an “SJW” and a “politically incorrect” kernel duking it out. It’d be interesting to see which philosophy produces superior results.


That actually putting a smile on my face. :slight_smile:

I like to solve problems and often try think ahead see if doom coning. Im not smart but Im surrounded by idiots because smarter people than me dont want go to a strip bar :slight_smile:


I don’t think people who have been there for years should have to change just because a political CoC was added.

  • I’ve read the new coc in it’s entirety
  • I only read the bit all the fuss is about
  • I haven’t read it at all
  • I haven’t read it at all and everything I know about the subject is from third party sources like forums.

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I read the tea leaves and worry.


The contributor covenant is only like 3-4 paragraphs, not counting the FAQ which confirms the author’s intentions.


Ok, and? Its a poll dude, just click a circle.


thankyou for your contribution.


Last one I read was ;

Had 2 issues and subject to change.


Or what ?
Im anti poll

Some people need poles to raise children !

See how messy it gets. Kernel is just code. Even IoT code that gets powned over time.

Raping Iot could be a thing on the news :slight_smile: the suspect that idientifies as battery. Shorted all the devices on campus today !


lets write our own inclusive code of conduct.

draft 1.

  1. anyone interacting here should consider themselves and others to be rgb LED skinned keyboard goblin who reproduce asexually through mitosis.

  2. things said elsewhere stay elsewhere. do not bring your politics, sexuality, thoughts about skin color, gender, or anything else from the outside world here. it doesn’t matter here because everyone here is a rgb LED skinned keyboard goblin who reproduces asexually through mitosis and all rgb LED skinned keyboard goblins who reproduce asexually through mitosis are welcome.

  3. no personal insults. “you’re stupid” is vastly different from “that’s stupid” one is a personal attack the other is just a rude way to point out issues your code might have. one says you are the problem the other says the problem is not you but the specific way something has been done and that you can do better.

  4. “that’s stupid” is not a proper way to point out problems.

  5. the best code will be used. some people think meritocracy is toxic but it leads to the best product for everyone to use. bad code means less stability and that makes things much harder on users who may already have issues to overcome when using a stable system.

  6. being given concessions because you may be considered a marginalized person elsewhere and as such lack the true ability to climb in a meritocracy is patronizing and should be taken as a personal insult. no one who would do such a thing takes you seriously.

  7. anyone who says you can’t better yourself or your process in order to write the best code and succeed in a meritocracy doesn’t believe in you. making excuses for yourself or hiding behind a label of marginalized people as an excuse to why your code didn’t get in is not helpful to you especially since like the rest of us you’re a rgb LED skinned keyboard goblin who reproduces asexually through mitosis you are simply treated like everyone else.

  8. if you feel like you’re being judged or will be judged based on not being a rgb led skinned keyboard goblin who reproduces asexually though mitosis feel free to create fake accounts to communicate with in which you’re whatever you feel like you might not be judged on in order to become an undercover secret operative of justice in order to prove it or disprove it.

  9. learn to live and let live. disagreements happen. be mature enough to admit when you were wrong.
    apologize if you purposely insulted someone.
    realize that micro aggressions aren’t meant to be aggressive or insulting.
    they likely didn’t even realize it would be and were not trying to insult you.
    since you, like everyone else here is a rbg led skinned keyboard goblin who reproduces asexually though mitosis you’re just like them and any micro aggressions you may have made against them are in the same boat as the ones they made against you.
    over time this will lead you to realize that rgb LED skinned keyboard goblins who reproduce asexually through mitosis may very well disagree emphatically on certain topics but can still work well together regardless.

crits and improvements are welcome.


Apart from the RGB, I can get behind that.
Best performance, stability and security rules!

Personal rule would be: Human rights apply in this project, Geneva conventions applies, gentlemens rule applies. And, if you have time to troll people, you are not working hard enough


Maby this will give Richard Stallman a chance to catch up and we can all switch over to GNU Hurd.


“Write good code, don’t be a jerk”

Is more than enough of a CoC


Still waiting on wendell to do a video on that…and maybe Temple OS