The Linux forum in 3 words

And I'm still learning things.

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Probably we all do. I understood, that Linux is just so big thing to learn.

Learning things is the exact attitude to have about Linux. I have been using it full time for two years and not a day goes by that I don't figure out something new

Learning is good. Taking time to learn on purpose is awesome

I've been using GNU/Linux for oh maybe 8+ years.

I'm still learning things. Its fun.

This is how learning is meant to be, you discover things in your own pace, not getting things hammered into your head like in school.

That's 4 words.

Linux, Windows, Balance.

Since a contraction is the combination of two words, I'm counting it as one. :)

Right now I'm working on dual-boot mode. I'm waiting until my friend installs his SSD to his computer, then he will give his old HDD to me. I would use that whole old HDD for only Linux

I dont want to live in a world where there is nothing new to learn, i love to learn, specially about computer stuff, because computers

3 words for the linux forum:

Brace - for - Flamewars?

joking aside:

Respect - everybody's - opinions (Linux sucks, OSX sucks and Windows Sucks, YOSPOS all over again)
Don't - be - stubborn (i.e don't be an asshole, if somebody gives you hard times let them be)
Fanboys - not - allowed (link for definition)
Broaden - your - horizons (once you get the hand of things, don't sit comfy, try to get something more running)
Copy - with - mousewheel (you don't have to memorize all commands, copy, but learn what are you copying)
Learn - breaking - stuff (If something is broken, don't start clean right away, try to fix the mess berfore giving up)
search - the - Web (you are not an unique snow flake; probably somebody else had the same problem berfore)
Read - the - Documentation (Wikis and Dev documentations give invaluable insight on how stuff works -or doesnt work)

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I can learn, but I can't learn geography or other stuff like that. Math side is the one I'm more interested in.

In 3 words? hmmm

Circlejerk every thread



"Pedantic neck beards" - Wendel

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