The LG 27GL850 a 144Hz IPS panel for 500 USD

There is a review here:

But it seems more like a fluff piece than an actual review, personally I would like Wendell to do a proper review.

If you agree vote up the post, although I get that the monitor isn’t out yet, but if I knew there was going to be a review from Wendell I would wait to buy for a fair bit of time.

Not really a fluff piece, mainly focused on the 1ms response time as that is the highlighted feature for an IPS pannel as they have had 144hz for some time. Shows you how they tested it and what the results were like compared to TN pannel of similar specs.

Honestly wait for Hardware Unboxed to do one if you want an in-depth from a group that gets a lot of monitors from vendors, wendell doesn’t really get monitors for review(they dont sample him). So unless he personally wanted the monitor, he probably wont drop the money on it. If you want to order one and have him do a review you can see if he is interested in shipping it to you after (I did this with my x399m board)

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We don’t do that here my friend.


That panel has the exact same specs as my Acer screen.

1440p, 144Hz, “1ms”, 350 nit, fairly accurate color, IPS.

Linus’s review on the LG basically covers my exact feelings on my monitor as well. The faster settings make it worse, but the normal settings are good. Pleasant screen overall and syncing 144Hz on an IPS panel is a treat.

I wouldn’t be surprised when it actually is the same panel or similar.

Yeah, I saw that video and I questioned the whole world first thing. I thought I had seen 1ms claims on IPS active sync monitors when I was shopping for a gaming monitor recently. I mean the response time spec has been of dubious use forever as everyone measures it differently and seems like more marketing then substance. Only compounded by the whole overdrive thing.


It doesn’t have HDR! Throw it in the trash! Just kidding.