The LAN Epsiode 0003: Bethesda being Dicks, Random science and tech

The latest episode of the weekly community tech show.
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Immunotherapy vs. Cancer (@jajone4 )

Skyrim Special Edition (@ jajone4 )

Bethesda Isn’t Giving Game Review Copies till the day Before the game is released/Fewer early game reviews could be the future (@Tracer )

Warner Bros. Claims Agency Ran its Own Pirate Movie Site (@ Tracer )

'The Walking Dead' Trademark Infringement Suit Targets Atlanta 'Valhalla' Studio (@ Tracer )

EVGA VRM issues (1070/1080) (@Cavemanthe0ne , @Fouquin )

Apple AirPods Delayed (@GamingFTW )

Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles (@ GamingFTW, @ jajone4)

AMD pulls the wraps off the Radeon Pro 450, 455, 460 (Fouquin, cavemanthe0ne)

VMWare Cloud on AWS -- Monsterly

also @kewldude007 was going to join but apparently feel asleep so... meh. Lol.

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