The LAN Episode 0004: 3d printers on missiles make Teslas explode

The weekly show we loungers (plus a few :D ) make! This is the one that was broadcasted on Saturday the 5th of November.


AT&T and DirecTV colluded in an illegal plot that kept Dodgers games off the air, DOJ lawsuit alleges [@Tracer ]

The lawsuit:

Swiss Based Company offering gene editing treatment for human patients with genetic defects/illnesses. [@jajone4 ]

Dell Surface Studio [Cavemanthe0ne]

Fractal Define Mini C [Cavemanthe0ne]

AMD ZEN CPU’s to have overclocking variants (GamingFTW)

AMD 8-Core Performance Rumors [jajone4/Krieger]

Kaby-Lake Showing little to no IPC gain (Fouquin)

HoloLens For Tank Drivers (Krieger)

Apple Cutting Dongle Prices Yet Discontinuing All “Legacy” adapters by end of the year (Krieger, for giggles mainly)

RTG launches Radeon RX 470D in China (trump voice mandatory) (@Fouquin )

AMD quietly launches Radeon RX 470D for Chinese market

Steam bans non-screenshots from game listings

New Overwatch Character - Sombra (GamingFTW)

The Russian SATAN II and why it isn’t an issue (Krieger)

Tesla Crash and Explosion Kills 2 (@DerKrieger )

Dirty COW - (@GamingFTW ) < Dirty Cow Exploits

Kid dies form 3-D printer (@Nuggetninja)

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Is a subreddit a good idea for this? I mean we have this forum to interact with everyone. A subreddit for Community content is a great idea but just for 1 show is a bit silly.


was made before wendell got the forums for sure. also a place to dump all of the things

EDIT: @Alamar thanks for doing the css shit


I know nothing about subreddits but maybe the name could be changed to show that.
Or maybe you could rebrand to the official lv1 subreddit and encourage community content there.

there is already a LV1 subbreddit