The LAN 0015: Nothings been happening lately except SCIENCE. Also Castiel/Tracer has a new job

The latest episode of the LAN. This time with me, @kewldude007, @jajone4 and @Castiel.



Asus takes on Raspberry Pi with 4K-capable Tinker Board [Castiel]

TPP is Dead for the United States [Castiel]

But this does not mean TPP is dead for the rest of the world:

TPP may still go forward without the US[Castiel]

Trump names new FCC chairman: Ajit Pai The Anti Net Neutrality Guy [Castiel]

Transpecies Organ Implantation Successful [jajone4]

Clickbait bullshit pig boy on the loose

Quick Topics:

Massive HDDs

3DXpoint shipping soon

Galaxy S8 and Snapdragon 835

Skylake X rumors

“Game Mode” AKA Elevated process mode:

Short, useless topics just like @kewldude007

(obvious /s)

Amazon taxes

Nvidia to push GeForce Founders Edition graphics cards - AIB partner profitability to suffer

After topic ramblings and then outtro


I wouldn't mind if some of those Nvidia exclusive manufacturers switched sides to make stuff with red team.

I still kinda miss my PNY GTX770 :(

Make it 64-bit and I'd totally buy one for my parents to use. I also wouldn't be surprised if we see a RPi or RPi-compatible SBC in the next couple of years that has 4 GB of RAM. As soon as an SBC like that comes out for >$70 I'd switch to it for daily tasks myself.

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