The LAN 0014: Tech, Science, and other news

The weekly show by members of the community here. This time it was me, @DerKrieger, @jajone4, @kewldude007, and @Fouquin.



Synthetic Blood is close to being a thing (jajone4)

Potential Treatment Vectors for ALS and other Neurodegenerative Diseases (jajone4)

Also more info on the base cause of ALS (jajone4)

Tech and stuff

Flame Retardant Packed Li-Ions [Krieger]

450mm Wafer Development Halted [Fouquin]

Quick-Fire Topics

PC Gaming Hardware Market Surpasses $30 Billion

Radeon Pro Duo Discounted to $799 [Fouquin]

Unigine “Superposition” Benchmark Booted Off Steam Greenlight

Halo Wars 2 Beta is Live soon

Halo Wars 2 Benches

New Zenbook that has a dGPU

New Nokia sells out

Windows 10 ads

Then some random discussion on a variety of things.