The LAN 0013: Tech, Linux, Internet Laws, FM Radio is no more in Norway. (AKA Kewldad LAN)

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Norway is Shutting Down FM Radio [Castiel]

Related sub topic: History of Radio Consolidation in the United States [Castiel]

In the US only two companies own Radio stations Clear Channel and Viacom, this happened as a result of the 1996 Telecommunications Act. ( )

WhatsApp, Facebook and Google face tough new privacy rules under EC proposal [Castiel]

FCC Report: AT&T and Verizon Zero-Rating Violates Net Neutrality [Castiel]

News Article:

The Actual report:

The bad news is that the people that will be in charge of the FCC have vowed not to do anything about it see:

Thread on it:

Discord is now stable on Linux (lessershoe)

FLAC Support for browsers (lessershoe)

Big Updates to WSL (lesershoe)

Kewldude's topics:

European Parliament committee has voted in favor of a draft report that proposes granting legal status to robots, categorizing them as “electronic persons”.

Fbi geek squad stuff

Amazon says it will create 100,000 full-time jobs in U.S. by 2018

New Materials for Flexible Electronics (jajone4)

Flexible Batteries (jajone4)

Make Cow farts stop warming the planet, utter clickbait nonsense (jajone4)

Quick topics:

Razer laptop stolen

Then found:

Threaded Pentiums… Still locked though:

LG G6 is a thing:

Thin OLED HDR 4K panel from LG

Nokia+Android … but only in china.

Maga: apple to manufacture stuffs in America


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In regards to the cell phone Stingray
if you had a piece of software
that just kept track of the names of each cell phone tower
you could build your own whitelist at home
and if magically a new tower pops up when you are at home all of a sudden.
you know that it is a new tower.

It would be rather fishy if a new cell phone tower popped up magically one day

Generally the same idea of just keeping a track of all of the SSID is for Wi-Fi signals in your area if there's a new one then you know your neighbor got a Wi-Fi

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i think WSL is M$ last ditch attempt to kept windows afloat.
Its WSL or M$ makes there own linux distro.


@Castiel's face when my dad asks about vr goggles


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Shouldn't Apple at last give up its hardware business, come up with appropriate licensing policy, license their OSes to OEMs, and focus on software development? macOS and iOS have grown as much as they could with the current business model. Its time to change the game.
They could still dictate hardware requirements and quality standards. Although considering that their systems are basically BSD, portability shouldn't be an issue. Thus, all the manufacturing and product support would be externalized - another company would have to deal with that. No more applegates, at least with hardware.
With that, all the obstacles would be removed for unified OS across ARM and x86 devices, although Microsoft seems to be leading the game in that area for now.
At this point, Apple appears to be more like Sony, having their fingers in every pie, going for a piece of everything, but ultimately falling out of race. They still have the name, the legacy, but if they continue with business as usual, I am not sure how far are they going to get.

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Should but I doubt they will because Apple likes having a closed system that they can control and licensing will destroy that ability, also I guess it could do damage to the brand as Apple devices are marketed as high end premium products with strict quality controls and licensed devices may no meet that standard. I'd love to be able to buy an OSX product that is reasonably priced for the hardware and isn't already outdated on release.

I guess you could draw some simultaneity to Nintendo, people like their games but generally hate the hardware, usually because they are far behind Sony and Microsoft in terms of performance and don't even get me started on how far behind it is from a PC.

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That is how they used to run so far, but I am wondering how long can they keep like that. Apple devices were premium, and are still marketed as premium, indeed. However, with all the shortcomings, their user satisfaction went down, well, since Steve Jobs has gone. Apple allowed itself too many premiums with bug-ridden iOS releases, lousy hardware updates, inconsistency over devices with propitiatory ports, and now with headphone jack removal.

When licensing, they would still be able to set the requirements for the specs and build quality. As for users, not only that it would lower the price of devices, but it would also introduce the variety in the offerings, which is much needed for both mac and i-devices. I would love to see mac laptops running on high-powered ARM chips. Not to mention about finally bringing the competition to Windows.

Closed systems make sense for smaller boutique companies that make everything in-house, thus having total control over the process. Apple, however, outsources everything, but tries to make it as if its done in-house. Their corporate system has gotten overly complex, and thus more prone to failures. I don't know what are they thinking, trying to make a product that's global, yet boutique. As I said, that business model has given them a run for the time, but if they expect that it would go on forever like that, well...

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Whatever happens Apple will still be able to sell devices to the unwashed masses at least in the short term or until people get more educated about devices and actually do some research. I feel that many people buy Apple devices without looking at the specs sheet or features list which is insane imo. My sister even downgraded from a better Android smartphone to an iPhone just because it was Apple, she now even has an iPad for school all because it is trendy and a fashion statement and not because the devices are better or even worth the money spent on them.

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