The LAN 0012

This time we had @jajone4, me, @Adobe_Flash_Player (AKA Lessershoe), and @Nuggetninja.

Topic list:

RYZEN HYPE [Nugget and Cavemanthe0ne]

$899 case because fuck your wallet. (Nugget)

Plane hit a drone while landing

The NES classic can have even more games

CRISPR Strikes Again with Blind Mice (jajone4)

Spectrum of AntiHydrogen observed (jajone4)

Quantum Bit Used in Compact Circuitry (Lesser & Jajone)

Lesser’s FOSS Rundown:

All Quiet on the Ubuntu Phone Front:

Sip Hash support in Linux Kernel

After 18 years Irssi hits version 1.0 on 1-5-17:


the dude right in the beginning

holy fuck open your mouth when you talk. That was cringy. I don't think I saw it move AT ALL during the intro.

but other than that, good show

Edit: oh and work on looking into the camera, but you do you boo

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yeah I'm not good at intros


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i probably should come up with an actual intro that i change slightly each time but is mostly the same just so i can focus on saying it
rather than making it up on the spot, and then saying the intro at the same time :P

You guys are getting better at it :)

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I agree. I enjoyed the show. Well done.