The LAN 0008: Mostly @Tracer's show on Streaming (and some tech news)

The latest episode of the LAN, the weekly news show by a variety of the people here. This week it was myself, @kewldude007 and @Tracer on the show.
The archive is here:

Topic doc for those interested:

Topic list:

Gooligan attack: (linked by @Ramiel in the news thread)

Zen "new horizon" event: (linked by @Cavemanthe0ne in the news thread)

@Tracer's Streaming topics:

Follow up on 4k High Efficiency Video Coding/H265 on Netflix being Exclusive to Edge on WIndows 10 on Kaby Lake [Tracer]:

Possibly reason Playready 3.0:

Skylake has 8 bit decoding for h265:

Netflix only plays 1080 on Edge:

But Amazon Video Plays 1080 on many browser and uses HTML 5:

Possibly alternative to H265 AOMedia Video 1:

Youtube is doing 4k Livestreaming [Tracer]:

System Requirements:

VP9 Codec:

Post stream banter on a variety of topics starting with how bad the Game Awards were [ @Cavemanthe0ne @kewldude007 @Tracer ]

That was pretty much the show. If you have any interesting news topics you can throw them into the thread for The LAN news, and if you wanted to be a part of the show contact me, @kewldude007 or any of the other people part of it that you see on the show.


you disabled viewing on other websites....tisk tisk

also needs more Tracer... not enough tracer

is that a setting?

ya should be in your settings, idk if it's a per vid thing or not... I havent made a video in a long time lol

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found it, is now embedded & viewable

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beat me to it, was about to pm ya lol

nice job watcccchhhhiiinnnnn nnnoooowwwww

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And why is there only one like on the new LAN video.........

smh you are supposed to like your own shit @Cavemanthe0ne

@Tracer and @kewldude007 you don't like your own show? tisk tisk

that moment @kewldude007 and @Tracer tell @Cavemanthe0ne hes muted when he wasnt......pricless


It'd feel weird to like a video I'm in.
Short version:I'm not going to like videos I happen to be in or a guest on out of principle.

There were only two times we couldn't hear @Cavemanthe0ne but I could still hear @kewldude007. But hey show was still fun to be apart of.

If you are having issues watching the video, it's because Google took down the channel. I'll be reuploading the archives on my channels soon, but in the mean time here is the Twitch archive: