The ideal resolution for gaming

I'm curious as to what resolution you guys think is the best. I myself have a 1600x1200 dell monitor, it's fairly nice, but I find it's a little too square for FPS gaming. (if that makes any  sense)


well im happy whit my resolution 1440x900 i find it a ok resolution i not 1080p but but it good for me

1920x1080 gets the job done for me.  Although, I've never really had the opportunity to experience higher resolution gaming.

At least 1080p, depends on the screen size and distance from the screen. If you are sitting at your desk, and you are about two feet from your monitor it should be 1080p at 23", or 2560x1440 or 2560x1600 at 27-30". Whatever gets you about 100 PPI or pixels per inch. It gives you pretty smooth graphics with crisp edges. I mean, of course bonkers resolutions on small displays like the ones that Apple is so fond of on its laptops will look amazing while gaming, but it still takes a pretty significant amount of graphical power to push that many pixels.

I find that triple 1080p screens, all turned vertically and debezelled, is the best for near anything. About the same price as a "name-brand" 1440p monitor, but much more pixels, and physical screen space. Very nice setup; after helping a friend do it, I have decided I definitely want to get another two 24" monitors for it :)

However, the best resolution, I think, is anything 16:10. 2560x1600 is the master-race, but nobody uses 16:10 - it's all 16:9. Oh well ):

I play a lot of FPS game's and i find anything larger than 1080p you kind of get lost and miss things as your scaning the screen for something to shoot at but saying that if i am playing anything else it dosent matter that much to me.

It will just depend on what you like i find siting 2-3 feet away from a 22" 1080p monitor is great for me.

16:9, I like a nice 1080p 23'' screen. Although native res 1600x900 monitors don't look too bad.

21:9 moniters by LG are sweet I don't own one but I used it at a local computer store and it was awsome.  I use 1920x1080 and it works great.  Would really like to try 2560x1440 though I think that would be the best looking.

My preference is running portrait Eyefinity. There's just something about that seems really. I don't really have large enough monitors to do it effectively but it's not so bad with 21,5 inchers.

my friend set the internal resolution of PCSX2 to 8K with zero AA because using AA at all caused graphical glitchs we outputted at 1080p, but if you're monitor is lacking high resolutions and you're not using something like PCSX2 then both jack up the Qauntity of AA, and the Qaulity of AA and you should be fine

Although, when we made the internal resolution 8K, the external resolution was still 1080p. So it looked no different than 1080p, but we do know that when we eventually get a 4K/8K display, PS2 games will look AMAZING.

1080p is a good mix between performace and graphical fidelity.

1366x768, the devils resolution.

I think 1080p is best for most users with most sytems. 1600x900 es bueno, as well. Personally, I like a big monitor with a very high resolution, so I went 2560x1440 at 27', but remember, as you go up in resolution, the GPU powered required becomes greater and greater.

For 1080p, at a minimal viewing distance, a 20-23 monitor will be great for gaming.

I use 1080p on a 24" and find it satisfactory. To be honest I can't really tell the difference when I go up in resolution from there.

For gaming, the larger resolution you have the better. I'm using a monitor that outputs 2560x1440.