The Ideal ENB for Skyrim?

I've tried almost most of them at least i think so.

Here is the List i've Tried

  • Sharpshooters ENB
  • RealVision ENB
  • Project ENB
  • Bleak ENB
  • A Realistic Hope ENB
  • TrueVision ENB
  • Jasmin ENB
  • Opethfeldt ENB

I Can't Find that Right ENB. that i like a lot.

My Criticism for these mods is that they are ether too bright or too dark. even whilst messing with the brightness settings.

any other ENBs you'd Recommend?

Here some I've tried:

  • Cinematic Lighting ENB
  • Poupouri ENB (logan uses this)
  • Phinix Natural ENB
  • Seasons of Skyrim ENBĀ 
  • Performance and realistic ENB