The FX 8320. Will it be good enough for the next few years?

Hey guys. i was looking for a new CPU , and i stumbled upon the FX 8320. i saw it´s eight cores and the 3.5 GHz clock speed and asked myself : How much slower than a 8350 is it going to be ? Just fo the record , i want to play BF4 on atleast medium settings in 1920x 1080 on my GTX 470. Will it be enough ?


it's just a hair slower then the 8350, and it will be capable of BF4 not a problem. The GPU will hold you back for the graphics settings. Play around with the settings till you get good FPS

Would the CPU be enough...yes, but i suspect that GPU would be the let down.

The 8320 will be fine and as more games are able to take advantage of more cores it will get better or at least stay competitive. That GPU is gonna hold you back though.  

Using the Same CPU, the unit that's gonna hold you back is the GPU. Havn't played BF4 yet but on my system but I do play Planetside 2 at stable 60 FPS with all options set to high. & if you consider how system taxing game PS2 is, you would know 8320 is no slouch. 

But your GPU, that's gotta go. 

well everything is said here. the FX8320 will be fine for upcomming years. the GPU however will be the bottleneck.

Probably, but if you could over clock it it would be better. Its about the same as a 3770 i7 so its decent.

throw on a r9 290 (non x) heres a benchmark with mine

and yes you will be playing games with bliss for many years to come your cpu is a baby 8350
i use mine for gaming ,video and photo editing ect

lol nice you beating the i7-4770K with a GTX titan in 3D mark with your baby lol ☺

oh wow lol i didnt even open up the "high end gaming pc" tab lol

not bad and its 1/3 of the price lol :)

i even tied with a gtx 780ti paired with a 3930k,

heres the comparison

im happy with the r9 290 :)

8350 = factory overclocked 8320. 

They're charging you 30 bucks more for a higher clock speed on the same unlocked processor. Just get an 8320 and overclock it to 8350 speeds (or higher)