THE EXPANSE Discussion Thread (read guidelines & use SPOILER tags!)

Ah yeah I remember that being mentioned… It did seem odd but I guess binged my way through Season 3 Act 2.

Love the show, started reading the books and love them more. What a great series. I am curious how the next season will be, book 4 on which it will be based was my least favourite and that seems to be the consensus as well. Though they do change quite a bit between the books and the show so maybe they will do some heavy handed editing. Maybe they will condense it into the first half of the season?

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I loved the books and the show is great. I do hope we get more seasons down the story line.

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She actually became my favorite character in the last season over Amos or Drummer.

I really hope Drummer is included in the next season. I’d like to see her have a longer stay on The Rocinante this time around.

See her and Amos either butt heads, or hit it off and become an item.

Best. Moment. Ever.

Tag spoilers please (like who’s alive in what season). Thanks!

She would be pretty well fit for Amos except one issue @TrikStari Amos knows he doesn’t treat people right and is very opposed to any sort of romantic endeavor even if its largely temporary…

After watching the TV show I see Frankie Adams when I listen to the audiobooks. I do love her character in the TV show.

Rather like the ship to ship combat. Was a nice surprise among the torrent of television shows.

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The physics was pretty on point. It was nice to see all of that. Great animations as things reached their breaking points etc.

The Epstein drive was kind of the runs of the mill fusion drive. Didn’t vibe with the whole magnetic coil instantly made it more efficient deal but I wasn’t going to be picky.

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One year ago today THE EXPANSE was dropped by Syfy. 10 days later, after an impressive fan campaign (by the #ScreamingFirehawks), THE EXPANSE was saved!


Season 4 release date is December 13, announced Saturday at SDCC.

The official Season 4 teaser (1 minute long, action packed, spoiler warning)

The official Season 4 trailer (6 minutes long, spoiler warning)

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I saw about it from

Looking forward to the next season. The books got interesting. Im hanging to see how the TV series story plays out.

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I’m looking forward to more sass from Avasarala, Amos and Drummer… Primed to activate prime…

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I saw that too. The crew at Spacedock are terrific!