The Evil Within 2

Been playing it most of Saturday.

It’s a really good game, so far only a few very minor glitches.

All the performance issues which plagued the first one are gone, twiddle with a few settings (most kept at medium) and I get a fairly consistent 60fps on a 390x.

SURVIVAL HORROR ISN’T DEAD… it just wen’t away for a while. :smiley:

Anyone else playing it?

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Completed my first play through.

I give the game 8 out of 10

As an fyi, I would have given the first Evil Within 6 out of 10… so there is definite improvement and a solid game there.

I find this interesting…

I get 100% gpu usage on my setup so guessing whatever issue there was has been resolved

How long did it take you to beat it? I’m about 5 hours in. (just got to City Hall). I love it so far, it’s really fun and well polished. I’m playing on 21:9 3440x1440 with a 1080ti and fps is over 60 consistently.

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steam says 16 hours but I know I had it paused for quite a while (lunch breaks and stuff)

So I would say closer to 13

390x here so I had to set my sights lower, 60fps on a mixture of medium / high settings at 1080p.

at 1440p framerate is too near to my monitors freesync lower range (45fps) for me to be comfortable

Seeing the usual ‘bad console port’ comments on youtube just because their pc cant get 60fps on ultra :smiley:


Other than a general ‘this game is worthy of playing’ I don’t really want to go into too much detail for fear of ruining stuff.

New Game + feels a little cheating… so my next run through will be on a harder difficulty.

shooting range is awesome, brings me back to the good old days of RE4, wish there were more of them (got gold on all of them EXCEPT for the ‘Very hard’ one… which is a complete f*&ker

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I didn’t play the first one, but watched w****dude play it. Looked pretty fun. That may have just been his commentary going through it though.

How does it compare to the first one? The first ending was a bit … umm … meh a pleh.

Kind of open worldy but kept claustrophobic through the use of tight fov

There is a bit of backtracking from some parts of the game but not enough to be too annoying.

Plot is okay, now that the main premiss is known… that there are no real supernatural monsters but its all in peoples heads it is a fair bit more matrixy sci fi really… and its bizarre how kidman kinda looks like trinity at some points :smiley: