The company MediaBridge to sue customer over poor reviews

It's time to boycott the company MediaBridge

The company MediaBridge is suing Amazon customer for a poor review. If precedence is allowed to be set in this case how long do you think it will be before all bottom feeding companies start going after hardware review websites and youtubers.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

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Streisand effect in full effect.

UPDATE: Mediabridge lost their Amazon selling license.

Well , thats something you dont see everyday. Maybe, there is some kind of justice in the world.

something like this happened in germany too!

some guy gave a bad review to a shop (it already had some bad reviews).

that made amazon lock the shops account (and its money too) for investigation, and the shop is sueing this guy for 90000€ for the time they cant sell stuff due to the investigation.

Indeed :)

These companies are going to have to learn, treat your customers well or you will not have any. 

MediaBridge makes crazy nice audio cables though... even if they are evil

What ever happened to freedom of speech? I can say whatever and not get any recoil but this guy has a bad review and they can sue? Forget freedom of speech what about freedom in general. On that not in my home town here there are people who sit outside places with signs to protest wrong behavior. Can these people get sued too? I am afraid we wont be able to even fight back soon.

If he lives in the US, and as long as he didn't outright lie on purpose in his review, I.E. slander/libel, then hes fully protected by the 1st amendment. Its perfectly within a US citizens rights to make allegations of review fraud, even with out evidence. All you have to do is watch some News and you will see it happening constantly, without anybody so much as hinting of a civil suit. Unless they get a particularly corrupt judge to oversee suit, the company suing this guy is probably going to end up paying out the ass in a counter suit.

If, however, he lives in U-have-no-rights-istan, well then hes pretty much screwed.

I would love to read the original review, but it appears the guy panicked and edited it after receiving the letter from the company. 

I don't do it often, but occasionally I do leave a negative review. Never had a company try to scare me off though, probably a good thing, since I'm the kind of guy that fights back dirty when presented with this level of shenanigans. 

Libel is not covered under the first amendment. Actually, many European countries have far more freedom than us. We have not had real freedom of speech for years.


You cannot publicly slander another person of firm. Even if this guy's comments were just, he will need to spend thousands in legal fees. In general, our legal system is used to silence dissent. Republicans support this for their corporate backers and Democrats support it because of their law firm backers. We the people, we are coerced into submission. 

But hey, if you make more than $250,000 a year your taxes are the lowest in the developed world! The beneficiaries of such policies are the ones who sold out our freedom. 

Glad Amazon did that. Maybe it will teach companies to just suck it up when they get a bad review and  improve their products/service/etc. One bad review doesn't make or break you unless you let it like these idiots did.