The breakfast recipe

Of coarse, even cocoa or soy milk :slight_smile:

This, altho minus the vodka on work days :grin:


That is no bread, buddy :smiley:
Well... Technically, there is bread in it. but it is no bread.
And yes

When my daughter was little she loved French toast.
I would sprinkle a pinch of confectioners sugar over top and it made it look like it came from a restaurant ok a Denny's :slight_smile:

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This is hella old, so it will probably be all new to most of you peeps.

I say 'Breakfast of Champions' all the time when I'm eating crap.

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I rarely eat a real breakfast. Most of the time I just eat an apple, drink a glass of water and a cup of coffee. That's basically a tasty laxative. Then as soon as I take a dump I eat one banana. When I do eat breakfast I indulge myself with some type of tasty pastry. Perhaps European pancake (crepe, as they're perhaps better known to Americans) with Nutella.

This basically:

I could eat a whole bunch, but these things are extremely high in calories. One is more than enough.

I forgot this recipe that I think my Mom invented. No one else seems to have heard of it, but I'm sure it has been done before.

Toad in the Hole - needs no explanation.

Wow, you are quite a creative mom.

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Eating some is much better than the empty stomach, right? Be healthy and be fine.

Two breads and an egg fried in the pan, right?:eyes:

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I have never tried this one, enjoy yourself.:ghost:

Each meal above is so delicious.

I only showed 1 egg so you can see the hole.
I like to crack my yolk, but usually the yolk (toad) goes in the hole.

I also like drinking the bean milk in the morning, and with some buds or egg. Just the same with you.

Then our taste is so similar.:kissing_cat: