The Big Question-No Man's Sky

Will NMS, run better on PS4 or PC?
Given that the game was built from the ground up for PS4 and the PC release was added sometime later.

Most, if not all cross platform games run better on consoles, because they're better optimised for them.

The specs on your profile will probably smash the PS4 in terms of graphical fidelity and frame rate, considering the simplicity of the game's graphics.

They are both x86 architecture so it should run fine.

i wonder how it will look at 4k?....

definitely better on decent pc.

It will probably run at higher settings on a decent PC than on the consoles. That I can almost guarantee.

Can't wait for it either, am super hype, GET HYPE, GET HYPEEE33333!!!!1!1!!!!

My hype lvl is -50

Will NMS be as badass as it seems like it could/should be? And if it is, will anybody be able to stop playing?

Check this out. I suppose it depends on your PC, but more than likely PC will be better, unless your hardware is old.

8GB of mem bus on 256 bit... My x2 280x come out to 6GB and 384 bit. I don't think it takes much to best a PS4, or at least be comparable.

The problem is not if there are PCs better than the PS4, the thing is if the game will be better optimized for PCs or the PS4. IMO probably will look about the same in a mid-range PC, a high-end PC and a PS4

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