The Best Place to Live?

Where do you think is the best place to live with the most even in living conditions, prices of luxuries, prices of essentials, not too big government, not too big corporate powers, infrastructure, the people, crime.

Fort Worth Texas.

I went to fort worth once, way to many cars with chrome 24 inch rims on there. Anyway I have been looking at Scandinavian or Austria to move to, the quality of life there is much better than the usa.

"not too big government, not too big corporate powers"

Theres really not maybe places that don't have one or the other, because of that its a really hard question to answer. 

Mars, obviously.

Either home in Ireland or somewhere in Sweden.

Iceland or Boulder CO. 

Look at anywhere in the Northern part of Europe, it's all pretty much ups in that direction.


Unless of course you're evil, or racist, or a gun nut, or plain irrational.

I've been thinking the same thing, depending on your life style i'd probably say Denmark or New Zealand.

I currently live in Finland and I doubt there's any better place for me to live.

Texas, Alaska, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Finland (but Russians get stronger)

I say either Switzerland (its pricey through) or Finland (As Cyklon said, there might be an issue withe the russians)

The woods

In the US: the Portland Area or Hill Country in Texas Vemont might work but their taxes are kinda high

Europe: Switzerland, the cost of living is kinda high though. Scandinavia seems pretty cool but the weather would kill it for me.

Asia: been to Japan I rather liked it but citizenship is almost impossible to get and cost of living is high. Northern Islands are where it is at.