The best beginner languages?

What languages are easy to learn for a beginner, and which style is better? Scripting or full coding.

I dont have much experience I did in school but nothing major.

I want it for stuff like metasploit and just general programming so I understand more :)


IMHO, python, java, or C++.

For learning, I always suggest using a compiled language over scripting languages.  The compiler will help you uncover, and more importantly, understand errors faster.  Scripting languages tend to mask errors, usually subtle errors that tend to frustrate novice developers causing many to give up.

I would recommend starting with Java or C#.  These are probably the easiest languages to learn how to program.  Plus, since they share a common syntax with any language that uses C like syntax, once you learn Java or C# learning the other or C, C++, JavaScript, and many other languages will be easier.

I tend to lean towards Java as a first language to learn over C#, simply because Java is everywhere.  It is more marketable.  If you know Java well, you can easily find a job as a developer.  But if finding a development job is not your goal and you want to stay in the Microsoft family go ahead and start with C#.

Thank you :) I will look into Java over Python for first language, then possibly C++ then Python, Also Lord Fauntleroy I don't want to do Programming as a job, but I understand in the security world programming is just if not more important than the actual tools used, but I do suppose failing that can always write code :) would not be so bad :)

Java then C++ then whatever tickles your fancy...That's my personal preference.

What languages are easy to learn for a beginner?

Python and Java you could pick up real fast.


Which style is better? Scripting or full coding.

Depends on what you need to do really.

Personally I would learn Python first as it helps to give you the good habbit of structuring you code correctly (pretty code = happy co-workers and is great when you have to find an error)

Go with JavaScript or Python. Python is easier for beginners, JavaScript is a language that will be around for a long time and is unlikely to become vestigial (php) in the near future. Most innovation is now done with some involvement of JavaScript. But it can get really advanced really fast.

I'd advise against learning to code in C++, Java, or large frameworks - with exception of .NET/Mono and C# which is also an excellent  way to learn solid OO and functional practices. If you learn .NET/Mono, jumping to C++ will be fairly simple.