The Beer Garden: What do you drink, and why?

Don’t worry, I’ve got a bunch of Sierra Nevada Narwhal to offset Dynamic’s not-stout stout :grin:

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Miller High Life in a can.

Because it was on sale. And I suddenly realize I’m out.

Omg that’s a real link

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Lol welcome to the internet.

That’s been around so long I don’t remember when I first discovered it.

“A Belgian style tripel with elderberry”

Description is accurate.


It’s pretty dang good.

More fancy beer.

It’s like you’re drinking french toast. 9.7% just right.

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Very little carbonation.


Starts off with a bourbon kick and then that fades slightly and some coffee starts coming in.


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Accompanying my pork chops, riced potatoes, and roasted veggies for the evening.

Ain’t got not fancy glass, so I’m just gonna drink it out of the bottle.

Got myself a four pack of different dessert-esque beers.

This one is brownie. Though, upon further inspection it appears to refer more to the giggly kind of brownies.

It’s like a hop-ey stout.

Aged sour ale.

Love this as it’s more subtle that most sours but has a good twang.

I really like New Holland Brewing.

My current favourite (Australian) beer

Balter hazy IPA

Tried Golden Ale. Any suggestions that would go great with a salty steak?

Special festive beer

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If it’s rich and fatty a pale ale or IPA may help cut through and refresh your palette, making each bite just as good as the last. Bitterness and salt also go together well because salt will offset the bitterness.

Normally an alternative would be a big stout or porter to compliment the caramelized and smoky notes of a grilled steak, but you won’t get that in an air fryer. (I bet you could get a good steak with all the benefits of an air fryer, but with caramelized notes if you air fry it to just under rare and then stick it in a screaming hot pan to sear it.)

Maybe a brown as the roast/chocolate/caramel notes may pair with saltiness?


Huh didn’t know that, that’s neat

Interesting, will keep that in mind for next time

My boss gave me a bunch of beers which were all great, but I need to get me some more of this:

You’re right about bitter going well with steak. Though I think I prefer a the Vanilla Porter more.

Not normally a beer guy but tbis is decent.

Not a fan of IPAs. I like dark ales, stouts, red wine, and nice single malt scotch. Not all mixed together, I’m not a monster