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The Ancient Computer Thread!



ITT we talk about ancient computers.

Not just a powerbook G4, no I’m looking at 50’s to mid 80’s. Take the IBM 1401 example above, at least thats what I am interested in at the moment.

If you find anything really cool? Please!! Share!



One of the guys who works on that 1401, Ken Shirriff, has an interesting blog,, where he details the specifics of keeping that machine running. He also puts various decapped ICs under microscopes and analyzes the interesting transistors layouts.




IBM 1401:

(slightly NSFW?)

I stumbled onto this yesterday. It’s great. I need to watch more of this!


Point of the thread!


I still have a working atari lynx (II) - the lynx came out in 1989 IIRC? :smiley:

Shadow of the Beast and Desert Strike still work just fine.