The All New NZXT H630

NZXT Has Just revealed a brand new case focused on silence. This case is absolutley huge measuring 245mm(W) x 547mm(H) x 567mm(D) (For referance the corsair 800d is 609mm X 609mm X 229 mm). This case has some amazing features such as

  • Fully Enclosed in steel
  • Sound dampening material on the side panels
  • Support for huge radiators (360mm in both front and top positoins)
  • Fully modular Drive bays
  • Front and bottom Dust filters
  • Supports XL ATX and EATX motherboards (And smaller sizes too)
  • Comes in Matte Black and Glossy white
  • Low price for the size ($149.99)

You can go check out this case for yourself right HERE

It sounds good but its rather ugly with those bays on the front for $150 i expect more (it looks like my fridge freezer in white)

I think you actually get quite a bit with this case, I mean its absolutely huge, fully surrounded in metal, sound dampening material, and modular drive bays. I wish I got this instead of my phantom full tower.

Looks quite nice. Don't know if I'll get this instead of a Cooler Master Storm Stryker, though.

fully steal? $140... WOW. NZXT is really putting their name out there now. And they should, they don't get enough credit and, IMO their cases are beautiful.

(window better not have a fan mount)

I was about to make this thread, if this case has everything i want it may replace my Define R4 once i get all my cooling sorted out.

Its not fully steel, there are plastic pieces but all the front side back and top are steel. Theres no window because this focuses on silence.

I know. But i still want a window option.

Me too :P


I love this case.. Definitely a beauty. I love NZXT cases, becase they're excellent in terms of quality, features, and aesthetics. If I had the money, I'd be getting that case for sure.

I have a phantom full tower and absolutley love it!

I like this case a lot, is there a going to be windowed version? I like being able to look at my stuff

No idea, I hope so.

is this better overall for a kraken x60 or a phantom 820?

The phantom 820 would be better as it can hold wider rads, and is a bit bigger(235mm (W) x 650mm (H) x 612mm (D)) , But its also $100 More

For just an x60 either will work flawlessly So I would choose this case because its alot cheaper.

color scheme matches the hale 90 psu, hmmmm

i like the ssd mounts on back of mobo tray

I would like to see this as an atx mid tower. I love the design it reminds me of something fractal would do.

Linus will go crazy over that.

But there's not enough for all his ssds :P

I once bought a full steel case... worst decision ever IT'S SOOOOO HEAVYYYYY!!!! not what you want when to empty case is almost to heavy to take to LAN's then you add your components, Large Rad, large Res, loops to everthing... It's practically immobile.